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No, but is it gambling?

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I'd like to think of myself as a video game enthusiast and not a "H4rdcore G@mer!1!!".

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It was surprisingly good throughout, definitely better than the last piece of garbage Wolverine movie that came out a few years ago.. Jackman did a fantastic job this time around, his character felt way more vunerable which added some tension and it had some pretty cool moments. My only complaints were the sometimes awful CG and flat villians, overall though, it was a solid film, especially amongst the abysmally disappointing blockbusters that were released this summer.

Also, The post-credits stinger was fantastic, now I'm actually excited for an X-men movie.

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@amikron said:

@customotto: Again, I don't care about you "picking" on me at all, it is just a bit silly. This will be the last reply I make to you on this as we've officially shit up the thread with this nonsense. Congrats to the both of us.

I love the use of quotes like you weren't the one that said people were picking on you. An excellent last reply. :)

You're one of those people who just has to get the last word in aren't you?

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Some evidence:


Next time you make a case about cunt applying to men and women, maybe you should do the most cursory of research. It is gendered language, specifically aimed at women.

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You're wrong.

I love the fact that Walt can do all these horrible things and nobody bats an eye. But Skyler cheats on Walt and it's totally unforgivable.

Oh, you fucking nerds. It would be so much easier just to admit that you hate Skyler because she's a woman.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people, especially in this thread have been batting eyes, fucking nerd.

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@jimmy_p said:

Ofcourse all the hate on Skyler isnt reasonable because she has done perfectly justifiable decisions throughout the series. But Breaking Bad shows that every character (yes, even "muh opressed strong independent housewife" ) has a tendecy to be manipulative and egotistical.

Also, people who want to see Walt completely destroyed and hanged fucking bore me. When did rooting for Chaotic Evil become condemnable? You're not on jury duty, this is a work of fiction.

Best post in this shit thread, every character is flawed and that makes for a dynamic show. Sexism has nothing to do with this.

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What? Who cares if we had an Atheist president? That wouldn't be nearly as impacting as having a gay president. Stop trying desperately to become an oppressed group.

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Saints Row IV = glorified expansion pack because it uses the same city as the last game.

18,000 Call of Duty games with identical gameplay come out in a few years and everyone blows their load over the slightest change to the shitty 4 hour campaign or how killstreaks work.


Call of Duty gets a fair amount of flack for how repetitive it is though, especially around these parts.

I don't know, I was super excited for Saints Row IV, but after seeing a review that said the character customization felt even more limited and also looking at the similar menus and character models, it kind of killed my hype, I'll pick it up when it's half priced though.

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Personally, I think it's ██████

This is the best post I've seen in a long time.

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Stop this. Stop making threads about her and we can all move along.

Please listen to this guy. Also, please stop with the fake "oh my fuck, this is appaling! D:" and even worse blind defense. Both sides of this "argument" suck ass.