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" What is it with in-so-deep potheads that it's the only thing they can talk or think about and it's all that defines them as a person? I've got no real problem with the drug – if you wanna do it, whatever – but that's pretty much obsessive behaviour when it gets to that stage. I just don't get it. "

I agree with you completely.

I also agree with this statement from two years ago.

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This video is the only response to any finebros video.

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I still to this day don't know how big breasts in games can be offensive to anyone. It's a silly world we live in. If the game is too sexual, then just don't let small kid play it, same with violence of course.

People like to feel outraged on behalf of others. It happens everywhere unfortunately.

Or (if you're like me) maybe you're sick of game makers behaving like horny teenagers/lonely nerds and want them to grow up? I don't necessarily find stuff like the Sorceress offensive. I do think it's really goddamn immature and it got old a long time ago, however. Everyday you get people whining about how video games aren't taken seriously, but how will they ever be if stuff like this keeps happening?

Kinda surprised about one thing: I've read several reviews of the game, but none of them mention how you can grope NPCs with the pointer. Now that is just gross, especially when you can do it a woman who's been shackled.

I typically don't even care about these "sexism" issues in gaming but If that's a real thing in the game then I agree with this guy completely, why would that be in the game at all?

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I really enjoyed it but after revisiting Bioshock 2, I noticed that two had way better combat than Infinite. It was still very servicible up until that point though, especially with all of the vigors.

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I was very interested in buying it, but the $20 price point is a little too much to justify the purchase.

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You're 23. Calm down.

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Dragon's Crown fans just can't get over this, huh?

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What a baby. Go take your ball and go home then, while superior game developers continue to do their thing without drama involved.

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I'm certain I've learned something from a videogame somewhere.

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Great news, I was hoping that they wouldn't completely ditch that storyline.