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In my opinion, Grown Up really wasn't the abomination every says it is. It was completely unnecessary and went for some cheap laughs, but it had some funny moments with Steve Buscemi and Colin Quinn.

That being said, the new movie looks completely terrible. If your sister actually enjoyed Jack and Jill however, then that'd be a different story.

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Dragon's Crown just looks really boring compared to Muramasa, I don't really know why but the all of the characters except for the dwarf(who just looks funny) seem kind of boring. I think it's the setting that definitely works against it as well since the castle backgrounds look like they'd blend together after a while.

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Walking Dead and Bioshock Infinite's endings both completely captivated me.

Besides recent examples though, I'd have to say Silent Hill 2's "In Water" ending is still really up there.

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I'm not thrilled, but I can deal with it. At least they squeezed in more demons, the resolution on some sprites however is questionable...

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@darji: Firing Miyamoto? I don't know about that man...

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Party's over, so many threads are devolving into shit storms way too early. Too much snark and not enough discussion in some cases.

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Holy shit, what does this mean for the bombcast and the site? How could anyone ever replace Ryan?

RIP duder, such a loss.

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Nah, excellent game though.

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I don't wanna sound like a hipster but people are building him up to be the next George Carlin. While that might happen, I don't like how hyped up he gets because it leads to a lot of "He wasn't that great". He's definitely in my top 5 comics of all time though, and I've loved every special he's put out.

I like him; if I had to pick though I'd pick Bill Burr over him because of how much he just doesn't give a fuck. That and he did an entire stand up bit that involved him basically cursing out the city of Philadelphia in Philadelphia. And they fucking loved him doing it lol

Burr is definitely in my top 5 too, can't get enough of this ginger cunt and his podcast!