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@fourwude said:

Clem is dead.

We need to acknowledge this now.

Why don't you just stomp all over my feelings more?

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I'll probably wait until season 2 hits, I can't handle another cliffhanger ending :<

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Play Origins, skip 2 and don't hold your breath for the third game, it's a toss up at this point.

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Can't wait for the livestream

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Well, at least we know they aren't rushing the DLC.

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Anyone defending this kind of behavior is a fucking moron and sums up why I hate gamers. They should do a little research and learn what Free Speech actually means.

Would you defend someone who said they were going to shoot up the Giant Bomb offices?

How is this different?

Come on, let's be real for a second. Would you really send someone to jail and irrevocably change their life for saying something like that? Also, why are you on a video game website if you hate gamers so much?

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Sexism ;O

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Metal Gear Rising. I got so fatigued a few missions after that stupid monsoon fight and Jack the Ripper segment. I just looked up the boss fights on youtube and they looked equally as boring so I sent it back to gamefly.

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I'm not a "gamer" but I do play games and read, yes.