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I plan on buying these games and I am looking for people who (with worthwhile opinions) can help me with my next purchase.  Here are the following games I am looking into purchasing; House of the Dead Overkill, Madworld, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

House of the Dead Overkill- I love rail shooters. An unofficially undead genre returns to the surface of the light. I bought House of the Dead 2 and 3 return when the rest of you called it off as shovelware. However, the fear I do have from Overkill is that never hit the day of light in the arcades. How will I know it has the same challenge level as the other House of the Dead games?

Madworld- A completely new series. However, it was developed by the same people who made Okami(original PS2 version) and  Viewtiful Joe

. Both games I have greatly enjoyed. However, I can only guess what it is in surprise

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia- If you have never played a castlevania game, you are not qualified to make a valid evaluation of these games as your life is worth nothing. You are shallow human person who doesn't have the ability to measure the value of a video game.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon- I played an imported version(nes version) of this game when I was kid. This is the first time a translated version of the game was made. The Fire Emblem series is some of the most challenging games and probably defines the true definition of hardcore gaming(not the modern bullshite version you guys constructed). All Fire Emblem games have a great deal of replay value in it plus it has Marth in it. It also include Fire Emblem Gaiden in it, a game I haven't imported in the NES days. Plus I can use the registration code to get some Nintendo coins.

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Currently my Log-in and Password cannot register anywhere else I go.  The only reason why I am able to use this account is because it logged onto a computer that remembers that I logged in.  However, whenever I cannot log onto my account from other computers.  I have tried retrieving my account information but it says my account is not valid.  I tried making a new account with the same name but the account also came up as invalid.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  How would one resolve this issue?  Should I make a new account with a new e-mail?

I will not be able to communicate in 1 week from now.

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I was thinking of developing a program for the purpose of hosting ladders and tournaments.  Before I develop it, is there anyone interested in using such a tool?

This is what I plan to have the program do.  All of this will be in Java for the purpose of platform neutrality.
-Choose either tournament mode or ladder mode
-Allow the user to create as many new variables as they would like
-Allow variables(such as points) to be fixed by formula decided by the user

There are few other ideas I plan on using but I also want input from potential users.

Any ideas you would like to see in this program?

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I am a huge fan of the gundam series.  I almost have all the series on DVD most of the Manga.  Probably the only reason why I would visit Japan for.

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HazBazz said:
"That pokemon cilp is several kinds of scary. Why does james have tits?"
Their artificial ones that can be mounted on his chest.

"Even if that girl was my sister, I'd still do her."
You are just sick.
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I wish videos could load a little faster.  Right now my internet service has been crapping out on me so I need to go to the library to play videos.  Would it be possible to stream at 14 kbps?

Bombcasts are too long.  It should be 20 to 40 minutes long.

For newbies, the site can be odd to navigate.

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Hey, I was wondering if you guys have seen some banned stuff.  This stuff can be hilarious.

Here is something funny from Pokemon.

Child complains because he doesn't get any candy.

Master card commercial.  I do believe this is meant to be a spoof.

Insurance commercial.

Sexy sister.

Blow job commercial.

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Where is Jeff when you need him.

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Final Fantasy 9, I got as soon as I got my PS2.

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I thought American Obesity was on the rise prior to the year 2006.