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How do you know that?  I see a whole lot of people from all over on this site.

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I really don't know why but I just wasn't compelled to finish the first games.  I normally am a sticker for playing games through but I just didn't push through on this one.  Might be time to finish it!

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Rez is a wonderful thing and well worth this many points.  It's more an experiment in game design than anything but in such a good way.  I still have my original with my trance vibrator, good times.

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This news is good news.  I have really enjoyed playing through Fable 2 and I can totally handle more of it right now.  Seems worth the money too, if the content is up to scratch.
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I have been having so many problems with the new NXE.  I think it may be because I am living in Wales and its making everything fail.  The guy who wrote "1st" also must live here.  EPIC FAIL.