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Cool stuff dude! I would buy a T-shirt with that on it.

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This is pretty much the first interesting thing I have seen about Dawngate.

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My go-to for years was Team Fortress 2. Drink whenever you die, same as @rorie Spedrunky, a few beers in and you are good and relaxed. After a few more, you start to suck but as you get worse you stop caring until eventually you can't play anymore and you are unconscious.

Anything open world is good too because typically no one mission takes so long that you completely lose interest and you can just wander around doing stuff as you find it.

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My suspicion is that the tri-caster hi-jinks were brought on by Vinny. Vinny inspired a sort of competition between him and Drew and now that Vinny isn't there entertaining himself in the control room anymore Drew doesn't "have to" try and one-up him anymore. It seems like the cameras and the shots of the guys on the couch during streams are much more active than before so maybe there is just more to do and less down time.

They did mention that Drew recently got a new computer so maybe they got other new equipment and now they are still settling in.

A few ideas of my own, but I also believe it could be that Drew is more on-camera and Jason is still learning as has already been mentioned previously.

Whatever the case, the recent Wii Sports Dan and Brad sold me on Dan's presence and Jason has been solid, if maybe a little slow at times, in the control room so I am all in to re-sub in October.

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I look forward to more of these. This is all pretty basic information, which makes for an excellent starter for your series on the combat mechanics of this game. I already have a good understanding of the basics of the junctioning system, but I never went very deep into it, so I will be interested to watch later videos where you discuss the deeper concepts of the system.

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I will maintain the same vaguely optimistic point of view I have adopted since Disney bought the license: They can't possibly fuck it up any more than it already is.

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@korwin: When I was reading this and I got to BING my brain started to melt a little at the concept of Bing search being associated with the Rift.

Same situation that you present but instead the screen goes white suddenly you get an error message from BING search: "Could not find 'Oh fuck, what was that? Oh god its right behind me.' Did you mean 'Locate nearby Wendy's Restaurants?'"

On the one hand, this takes care of my concern that the development team might end up hamstrung by budget issues. On the other hand, Facebook is not the bottomless money pit that I was expecting them to attract. I wonder if this will go over better than Facebook's IPO.

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Another well written article. It really does seem like giving this time to simmer has allowed you to explain the core experience of these games to the general audience without having to stop at something as simple as "You either like it or you don't."

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Well done Patrick. Its really cool to see coverage for niche things like EVE: Online.

Also, I have pictures of when I was with TEST during the CFC invasion of Fountain. They make great wallpapers.

As the trailer says, "I was there"