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@cap123 said:
" They're fucking idiots for thinking people who like nba jam all like basketball. I would never buy a normal NBA game ever. "
definitely that.  Would buy the NBA Jam reboot in a second off Xbox Live or PSN.  I have zero interest in the regular NBA or NBA video games though so no sale.  
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why Blizzard is one of the best in the industry

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guess that makes more sense then.  I just kind of stared at my TV wondering WTF was going on and just chalked it up to the French being crazy.  

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EA by a mile.  MS was terrible and Ubi somehow took that as a challenge so they had to try and be even worse.  Kinect can blow me and I am still in awe of Ubi trying to make laser tag sexy while claiming it is not laser tag.  

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God I laughed so hard listening to the bombcast but now with the video to go with this I am tearing up.  lol

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For 10 bones yeah its good.  I dunno, I really enjoyed the game at the start.  My only gripe was about half way thru I felt like I was forcing myself to finish rather than playing for fun.  The missions just get so repetitive.  Thankfully it looks like there will be a lot more variety to the missions in two so I am excited. 

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As of right now I would go with the PC version of Dragon Age: Orgins.

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I hope none