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I'm with everyone else in being super confused about Apple's weird, overly conservative policies on their content. Or rather, just the "pornographic" content that contains nudity of any kind. Apple has always been a very liberal, progressive company in their ideals, but for whatever reason rules their App Store with an iron, FOX News fist! Ugh.

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I'm shocked that no one is talking about the incredibly broken online co-op for Halo: CE and Halo 2 in this. There is quite a bit of input lag for the second player (the one who isn't hosting), and there is also a lot of latency when it comes to damage and shooting. Apparently this was also an issue with the original release of the Halo: CE Anniversary edition, but it's the first I've ever heard about it. It's easy to die almost instantly because what you see is not what is actually happening. It is incredibly frustrating, more so than any long multiplayer queues. At least when you get into a multiplayer game, it performs as you expect.

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Very accurate description of the GamerGate "movement." I honestly don't feel like an official response from the GB crew was needed, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

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Great article, and everything sounded encouraging until the end... no loot? Really?! No one at Bungie thought it might be a good idea to provide a legendary/exotic drop after completing something that is expected to take several hours to finish!? Even if they change it, the fact that it starts out that way shows how out of touch Bungie is with this style of game. Here I thought completing strikes on high difficulty settings without loot was bad... but a raid? Terrible.

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There is more to this than what Patrick quickly posted. For instance, it has built-in facial tracking now that adjusts the 3D when you view it from an angle. That is awesome. It also now automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient lighting. Kotaku has an extremely comprehensive list of the new features here. I'm not saying I'm going to immediately go buy a new 3DS to replace my XL, but by the time it comes out in the US next year that may sound like more of an option.

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I just got bopped right in the feels. Thanks for writing this up, Patrick!

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You really need to stop doing these buzzfeed headlines, Patrick.

This is not even remotely a BuzzFeed headline. If anything, it's more like the title of a research paper. Inserting the word "why" into a headline doesn't automatically qualify it as click-bait.

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I'm fine with this, as it means it is only going to be developed for a current-gen system. Sure, PC and PS4 fans are going to be considerably disappointed, but this isn't the first time games have become exclusive to various platforms. It's part of the business, and I'm happy the developers get to focus on a single console. I bet they love that bit. Multi-platform development is a huge pain in the ass.

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The only thing I'm waiting for Nintendo to do with the Zelda series is start calling the damn thing Link instead. Or maybe go even more generic with "The Hero of Time" or something. None of these stories are actually legends about Zelda, they are the adventures of the guys saving her ass over and over. Keeping the original Zelda name for the series kind of assumes that you will always need to save some damsel in distress... whether she actually is Zelda or a different version of her.

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I hadn't realized the writing was so clever. I can totally see that being the reason a lot of people that "fit the type" are playing this game. I won't touch it, as I abhor F2P clickfests, but that makes things a bit more clear. Good article!