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I love all the time spent writing about each game on your list. Fantastic stuff as always.

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I'm really enjoying it so far, but yeah the random framerate issues are bizarre for a game that has such a simple art style 2D graphics. I hate that so many games are being released without features. Just hold off until you have leaderboards and other things ready to go, FFS.

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I would be excited about the new LotR game if it wasn't being made by Monolith. They are great at releasing games that have great potential, but that are littered with bugs (Gotham City Impostors Guardians of Middle Earth). They proceed to half-heartedly "fix" the games for around 6 months before completely abandoning them without so much as a forum post announcing they are done supporting the game. Maybe they're just WB's bitch and can't do anything about it, but it still sucks.

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Short and sweet. Congrats!

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oh man i need to go watch the vod of the rift spookin with scoops. that's sounds terrifying. i'm someone who couldn't even handle keeping my surround sound headphones on while playing dead space 2 because it was too intense. no rift for me with scary games!

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How the hell is this any different than Microsoft paying a bunch of money to make TitanFall exclusive to the Xbox One for a few months? I understand why this is an issue at all. It happens all the time with more than just video games.

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Good to know this issue is fixed by installing the disc to a thumb drive. Scoops should get this story updated!

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I really enjoy my OUYA. It has some great group games that let you use smartphones as controllers (one has up to 8 players!). XBMC is awesome, and the OUYA works great as emulator so I don't have to constantly hook up my old consoles when I want to play classic games. Doesn't get as much use as my normal consoles, but that's not what it's designed for. I constantly smile at all the people spitting shit on the the OUYA without ever having touched one. The internet sure loves to hate things they don't understand. Granted, I think this Kickstarter contest idea is horrible, but the people talking about how the OUYA is a "failed" console make me laugh.

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I don't think I've ever been hit harder by the death of someone who wasn't a personal family member or friend. Sure I've met and chatted with Ryan on a few occasions, but really it's through Giant Bomb that I came to see all these guys are close friends. Maybe it's silly, but I've had to stop looking at the memorials for him on the web and twitter because I'm getting too choked up.

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I have tears in my eyes. WTF is going on!? I don't even know what to say... the guy was married for DAYS and then dies at 34!? Man... Giant Bomb will never be the same.