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I'm fine with this, as it means it is only going to be developed for a current-gen system. Sure, PC and PS4 fans are going to be considerably disappointed, but this isn't the first time games have become exclusive to various platforms. It's part of the business, and I'm happy the developers get to focus on a single console. I bet they love that bit. Multi-platform development is a huge pain in the ass.

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The only thing I'm waiting for Nintendo to do with the Zelda series is start calling the damn thing Link instead. Or maybe go even more generic with "The Hero of Time" or something. None of these stories are actually legends about Zelda, they are the adventures of the guys saving her ass over and over. Keeping the original Zelda name for the series kind of assumes that you will always need to save some damsel in distress... whether she actually is Zelda or a different version of her.

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I hadn't realized the writing was so clever. I can totally see that being the reason a lot of people that "fit the type" are playing this game. I won't touch it, as I abhor F2P clickfests, but that makes things a bit more clear. Good article!

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Thank God. This fall was looking a bit too pricey for my taste. And besides, DESTINY!!!

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"How do you explain the rising sales of vinyl music?"

In all seriousness though, I've started to realize the importance of physical media myself, mainly in regards to pictures. I love being able to open up an album or box and physically sort through pictures. These pictures will last a very long time without anything more than keeping them in a safe, dry place. However, hard drives full of digital pictures all have a limited lifespan of around 1-10 year, as you never know whether a hard drive will die a month after you buy it! Because of this, you essentially have to buy a new hard drive every few years to keep transferring your growing digital photo library. So rather than easily-accessible boxes of photos for my future kids to sift through, I have a bunch of hard drives, most of them internal, that need to be connected to a PC so someone can scroll through photos. It's so easy to pull out a box of old photos, but such a pain to have to setup a hard drive, and just feels less... personal I guess?

It's great that there are photo sharing/storing websites like Facebook, Flicker, Imgur, etc out there to make accessing photos easy, but we know that websites are prone to become outdated or close down. If you think that having all your photos on a server somewhere is backing them up, you're doing it wrong. I'm curious how much it would cost to have several thousands of photos just printed up, as it's something I'm really considering at the moment. I'm sure there's a bulk printing company out there that could do it more cheaply and efficiently than a Walmart of Costco, but I'm sure it would still be quite costly. Either way, it's something I'm really considering. How cool would it be to take those great family and friend Facebook photos and put them into a physical album? Maybe it's "old-school," but I think it's something we will cherish more when we get older. :)

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As a former journalist for one of the first iOS gaming websites (TouchGen, now offline), this conversation is one that I've had with countless other developers and journalists, but is not one I ever saw gamers intelligently discussing. This interview was fantastic, and it's great to get this perspective out to a broader audience.

One of my biggest issues with gamers these days is a twisted sense of entitlement. They'll pay $20 for a game that lasts 6 hours, complain that it was "too short for the asking price," then go pay $30 for two 2-hour 3D movies. Huh? Why the hell are video games consistently held to a completely different standard than any other forms of entertainment media? People will buy a completely un-interactive movie on Blu-Ray for $20 that they will maybe watch once or twice, but won't spend $2 on a mobile game that will offer them far more hours of entertainment? It blows my mind.

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It seems he's just trying everything he can with little regard to whether those decisions make sense.

I don't see this going well.

My exact thoughts. If anything, I came away from this article more worried for them than anything. Oh well, great read, Patrick!

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A fine introspective article, Patrick. I am also one of those "Han Solo with a heart of gold" players (great title, by the way). Actually, I'm one of those people who plays role-playing games as if I was the character. So, for instance, in the Mass Effect trilogy, I played as paragon for the most part, but that didn't stop me from being pissed in certain situations and reacting as such. I think Mass Effect is the only game that truly let me embody the character I was playing. The choices you had available in most situations made sense, whether they were paragon, renegade, or neutral. Some games advertise that they give you a choice, but when you are presented with choices, they either don't make sense, or aren't actual choices at all. Watch Dogs definitely seems like the latter game. GTA V is also similar, where "technically" you have some choice, but for the most part the game is pretty linear. I really hope for more games like the ME3 trilogy in the future. Sure, the ending didn't live up to expectations, but the rest of the game drastically changed based on your choices, and it was highly satisfying.

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  • Pyrella's spin on a Metroid-inspired action game is making darkness a key component.

Go fund this! I know one of the guys working on it, and he is no newcomer to game development. The footage they show already looks great, if not a little lackluster, mainly because it's pre-alpha. In the end, I'm always down for a new metroidvania game with cool mechanics. :)

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@mrsmiley: I actually very much appreciate the advice of the community and have followed it. I have removed the quotes that related to the Bot Colony concept. The only Review currently displayed on the Steam page of Bot Colony is from here

and it says: occasional exasperation with Jimmy, it turns out I enjoy the hell out of telling robots to do things and then watching them do things. When it works, it’s oddly satisfying. When it doesn’t work, it’s generally amusing.

I think this is fair.

I think it is fair as well! Thanks for keeping an open mind, and as I've said before, best of luck with the game! If Patrick does end up writing an article on this ordeal, it's great to know it can have a happy ending. Most gamers like supporting honest and up-front developers when they can, and I think this, while it may have started off sour, is a good example of a developer being upfront, but also being willing to take consideration of opinions they don't necessarily agree with at first. I'm sure this will only do you and your team well in the future. Cheers!