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Just going to add to the chorus of people saying how well-deserved this is. Can't wait for future features!

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I'm interested in two of the dated games: Arkham Knight and (possibly) Mad Max. That's it. Yikes.

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Kotaku posts dumb stuff, but they've had "thoughtful" articles written by tons and tons and tons of people who aren't Totilo or Klepek for years. So I'd say Patrick isn't too good for them, he fits right in.

And don't forget where Giant Bomb came from. This is a website with fake rap videos and footage of grown men laughing wildly at a cake being flushed down a toilet, among other things. So how exactly Kotaku is a regression is lost on me, other than the simple fact that Giant Bomb is awesome, and Kotaku is not. I hate click bait news as much as anyone else, but let's not pretend Giant Bomb is the New Yorker (uh uh uh uh uh) or some shit, huh?

Personally I never liked the news articles on GB, they felt out of place and often more editorial than news. Kotaku makes perfect sense for Patrick's style, I like him there.

Holy crap. I wish I could star/like/thumb-up this comment a thousand times. So much this.

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@danzig: My wife and I found him, and the rest of the gang, to be quite entertaining throughout. Both entertainment and comedy are quite subjective. We both found Brad's "saltiness" to be an absolutely perfect counter to Dan's excessive optimism throughout. *shrug*

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Everyone who thinks all of the "saltiness" and distain for each other is 100% real needs a reality check. These guys are performers, and they all play their parts perfectly. The Mario Party 3 stream showed this perfectly, from Brad's passive attitude, to Drew rage quitting, to Jeff yanking the cart at the end. If you're taking this stuff seriously, you're doing it wrong, and you aren't going to enjoy it nearly as much. These guys are all masters of improv in their own ways, and I love every minute of their grumbling and insulting. It's perfect.

While I agree that 50 turns may be a bit much if future games are going to take this long, I still watched for all four hours with my wife, and we were entertained the entire damn time!

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Alright, promising start. Maybe 3 Hololens versions from now we might have the technology just as accurate like it's in the concept video. Then we just need Harold White to finish his warp drive (which was successful in particle experiments), we might just have the glorious future we've ( I ) have been dreaming of.

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Here's the real deal by the way.

Yeah the actual demo was really impressive, and should sway a lot of the naysayers who are saying "it won't work as well as the promo video." I mean, it worked pretty damn well! Sure the graphics won't be CGI so they won't be as smooth, but it looked and responded pretty damn smoothly in the live demo!

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Oh man, it's like a 2-man Beastie Boys, and that beat is sick!

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I lost my original comment when you took the site down (nice work!), but it was something sentimental that ended with an encouragement to keep fighting for justice where it is well-deserved. You are the reason I started actually reading articles on GB, and there's no doubt that many people will follow your work wherever you end up. Your work is important, and means a lot to a helluva lot of people. Don't forget that.

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I'm with everyone else in being super confused about Apple's weird, overly conservative policies on their content. Or rather, just the "pornographic" content that contains nudity of any kind. Apple has always been a very liberal, progressive company in their ideals, but for whatever reason rules their App Store with an iron, FOX News fist! Ugh.

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I'm shocked that no one is talking about the incredibly broken online co-op for Halo: CE and Halo 2 in this. There is quite a bit of input lag for the second player (the one who isn't hosting), and there is also a lot of latency when it comes to damage and shooting. Apparently this was also an issue with the original release of the Halo: CE Anniversary edition, but it's the first I've ever heard about it. It's easy to die almost instantly because what you see is not what is actually happening. It is incredibly frustrating, more so than any long multiplayer queues. At least when you get into a multiplayer game, it performs as you expect.