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Holy shit... Dan's comeback in that Smash game!!! I shouted out loud and my wife came running in thinking something was wrong. XD That was epic!

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Brilliant article. I'm too scared to read the comments, so I won't. But great stuff, Austin!

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@y2ken said:

I'm really into Austin's writing style already. Also I love that this is a fully fleshed-out article with lore theory and speculations, not just a two paragraph announcement. Which I guess is precisely why the guys hired you. Love it.

Also, I'm very excited about this particular slice of News Pie.

Hell yes. I have almost zero interest in this game, and yet I love this article.

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If they made a micro-Bill Amiibo, I would buy it. I don't own any other Amiibos, and I would gladly get one of those. Bill is awesome, and so is Austin! (I would probably buy an Austin Amiibo, too. I am strange.

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I hope this feature is getting loads of views. It's awesome.

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These are AMAZING. So glad some of them got used on the stream!

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My god... the title image is... beautiful. I love these spotlights!

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Just going to add to the chorus of people saying how well-deserved this is. Can't wait for future features!

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I'm interested in two of the dated games: Arkham Knight and (possibly) Mad Max. That's it. Yikes.

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Kotaku posts dumb stuff, but they've had "thoughtful" articles written by tons and tons and tons of people who aren't Totilo or Klepek for years. So I'd say Patrick isn't too good for them, he fits right in.

And don't forget where Giant Bomb came from. This is a website with fake rap videos and footage of grown men laughing wildly at a cake being flushed down a toilet, among other things. So how exactly Kotaku is a regression is lost on me, other than the simple fact that Giant Bomb is awesome, and Kotaku is not. I hate click bait news as much as anyone else, but let's not pretend Giant Bomb is the New Yorker (uh uh uh uh uh) or some shit, huh?

Personally I never liked the news articles on GB, they felt out of place and often more editorial than news. Kotaku makes perfect sense for Patrick's style, I like him there.

Holy crap. I wish I could star/like/thumb-up this comment a thousand times. So much this.