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Making Pixels Cute Again 0

I recently picked up "Pixel" while browsing random games on Xbox Live, and I'm glad I did! Being an indie game, it's set at a very low price (around $5 or less I believe). That being said, the visual style in this game is fantastic. It is a world of blue and white tones that pop out of the screen as you play.  The audio ranges from super cute and catchy to annoying... just like other popular 8-bit titles! ;)  You play as Pixel, a cute little 8-bit cat that is one an epic journey to "Meow Town" t...

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Simple Controls. Addicting gameplay. TOUGH. 0

There really isn't a whole lot to say about Cube Runner. What started out as a test graphics engine for the iPhone has turned into  a very simple yet fun game.Cube Runner use an extremely simple concept that many old-fashioned arcade games have: If you touch something, you die. As you glide through the world in your triangular ship, you are constantly moving forward and accruing points. Your speed gets faster, cubes become more prevalent, and occasional the entire graphical look of the game sudd...

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Incredibly production value, a few frustrating bugs. 0

Out of the vast selection of free games on the iPhone, they generally tend to lean towards the "fake beer drinking" and "connect the dots" side of the fence in terms of quality and content. If you are expecting that same quality from Aurora Feint as you go into this free game, your mind will be blown.Hell, it may be blown anyways.Aurora Feint is the very early version ( at the time of this review) of a self-proclaimed "iPhone MMO" title. At the moment, there is no multiplayer aspect other...

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