Console Wars?

A short and small piece of post E3 blah blah I need to get off my chest...

What is with all the cutthroat, platform bashing BS these days? Why was the E3 show more like the Superbowl, with people routing for one or the other to win? I don't get it.

Personally, I hope all the systems win. I hope they all create unique and fun games. That's it. When it comes down to it, the box is only a box that allows developers to make the best of them. They will all have limitations. They will all have annoying parts of them that could be better. And they all will try to take as much of your money as they can (while making it look like a value). Corporations are corporations, and if you really wanna support only one, you'll eventually find out some pretty horrible things underlying the surface. They are all greedy when it comes down to it. Trust me, these small details on the surface are covering a very elaborate and divisive plan to get you hooked and spending all your earnings on them. It's no secret.

So let's remember that the best games are on all sorts of systems and you may find yourself with all of the new next generation systems if all goes right. I love games, and I'll buy whatever system the best experiences live on, and I'm mostly broke due to my addiction :).

I'd love a world where even more games existed, and to cut the throat of any platform, any developer or any publisher is really just cutting your own throat. We're gamers, and we love fun games. Who cares what platform they play on?... unless of course, they are exclusives, and then you'll find yourself buying that system too, and that's an awesome thing when it comes down to it, right? Supporting the game industry in any way is a good thing as it keeps it going!

I just wish people would stop buying into the corporate BS! Stop bashing games/systems, cause you know you love them, and it would be a sad world if they never existed in the first place. Some seriously talented people out there are building experiences just for you, as sponsored and paid for by these mega billion, military funded companies. We need to support the talent and keep them working on cool stuff for whatever system their building for. Who cares about their greedy, talentless bosses?

So go reserve all the new systems already... and quit complaining ;)


VITA - Castlevania

Will someone at Konami wake up and make an updated version of Symphony of the Night for Vita already?!? I just don't understand why all these companies are pushing the very limits of the VITA, rather than making fun games for it. The system would simply be the best out there if they would focus on games that are visually interesting on a 2D level rather than sub par to consoles on the 3D front. I just don't get Sony and the third party publishers pushing games for the VITA. I love the system but am tired of the watered down nature of the games coming out for it. We need more games like the latest Rayman, Castlevania, hell, even a rebooted Contra sidescroller would be outstanding.

So many great artistic games are coming out for the consoles and could easily work just as well on the VITA, but they just aren't there. Instead we're getting games like Resistance, that are fun, but too short, and flawed visually.

It seems so simple yet it's just not happening. 3D games are great, but something needs to change. Let's get back to the art, gameplay and discovery that made so many side scrollers of the past so outstanding!

In short... release Symphony of the Night 2 Konami!! Make it co-op, make it wi-fi compatible, and keep it a side scroller like you did for so many games on the DS, but just boost the visuals a tad. Then the VITA will be a winner!



The PSP has indeed turned out to be quite the RPG platform, so I was compelled to post this list. What are your top 5 PSP RPG Games?

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Wow. Weird. Story? Journal? I don't know but damn this one is good. Exploring Tartarus is impossible to not want to do. A surpise hit I knew nothing about until I read it was coming out for PSP. Probably the best purchase of the year.

2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Yes I just got it, and yes I already love it. Even though it's a kiddie experience through and through, it's pretty stellar when it comes to the fighting mechanics. Similar in vein to Dissidia, with a bit more depth, and some new additions. Almost put it #1, but P3P can't be beat.

3. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The combat is key here. Such a great game for the road. Very unique and addictive as it gets. Sure, the graphics are bland, but the cutscenes are some of the best around, and the gameplay glues your fingers to it.


Action RPG? I'll buy that please. Even if the graphics are kinda bleh, it's nothing short of amazing in the control department. Story wise, um, it's good, but I don't really play action RPG's for story. Crazy, yes. But true.

5. Dissidia: Final Fantasy

RPG? Not really. Fighting game, kinda. Whatever it is I love it. Totally addcitive and easy to pick up and put back down. Playing as all those characters is kinda awesome as well. A good $20 spent.


Realism in gaming - A Retrospective

The other day I had a little flashback. It was 2001. The game was SSX: Tricky. I brought it into the office and everyone was floored by the amazing visuals. Even I was a bit awestruck by the mountain, the characters, the particle effects, the lighting, everything. Now of course this isn't the most shining example of a realistic game as if you look at it now it's pretty so-so, but I had to ask myself "what made that so amazing?". Why was this such a fond memory? 

 Then I flashed forward to now. An age when nearly all the top tiered games are next to photo realistic. To the point that if they aren't photo realistic, then they better be pretty damn engaging. It's an era that I only dreamed of as a kid. A time when games became almost as real as the movies. But it now leads me to this.... With realism being the norm, has this translated to a lack of creativity in gaming. Now, I know that many games still go back to the roots of artistry and creativity, but there sure do seem to be a bunch that rely entirely on realism. Vast cities modeled after real life locations, humans that almost look like they have a heart, and landscapes that fill the screen with a vastness only witnessed before on road trips.
Now I'm not complaining, as it's indeed amazing what is possible these days, but the realistic games do indeed seem to be losing the magic of those childhood dreams. I really can only ask myself if the graphics of the previous eras evoked amazement due to their style, and not to their realism? If the limitations gave designers a challenge to create something visually amazing with what they had, giving gamers something previously unseen. We've all been primed, we're all used to it, and we're now becoming overly critical of how real it is versus how much more real it could be. 
Nowadays I'm starting to revert... going back to games with style. With amazing illustration work. With a bit more creativity than just making it lifelike, as now the lifelike is a bit dull. It's too real. It needs to be more unusual. I don't want to turn on my game console and see what I already saw all day long. There are many indie developers popping up making great strides to making the same childhood awe happen, and I can only hope for more.
Games are games. They're either fun or they're not. But to think, what if something like Red Dead Redemption was shown to me when I was 10? I think my head would probably explode immediately. But for today's kids could that still happen? Will games 20 years from now be that much more amazing visually?  Either way, I do hope game designers don't get as lazy as hollywood has. Relying on something like old stories (realistic graphics in the game world) to sell the millions.
Regardless, either way I'll be playing them till I no longer function...

Top 5 of the decade...

Always curious what other gamers think are the very best games of the decade?, as since it's always so subjective, it's interesting to trade this info. It came up in my mind today after reading Paste Magazine and seeing they thought "Portal" was the very best. What are your top picks? 
Here is my current list (which could change tomorrow) Funny they are all recent titles:
5. Fallout 3 
4. Uncharted 2
3. Forza Motorsport 3
2. Mass Effect 2
1. Red Dead Redemption