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Where's the coin slot? 0

Boy oh boy did I hope this one would be amazing. Been such a long wait! Well I stepped up and bought it day one, eager to jump back into some Film Noir inspired bullet-time madness, and sadly I found myself instead feeling like I was playing Smash T.V. instead. Why you ask? Well, not only is this game one of the longest single player, shoot the same dudes over and over again experiences, but it's also cheap. Cheap how? Well, let's just say I found myself shooting the same guy over and over again...

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simple fun 0

So I was really excited to see a FPS like this finally hit a portable system! If I went back 10 years and showed this off to myself or practically anyone into games, heads woulda exploded from the excitement. But these days, reviewers, gamers, and critics in general have really expected way too much from their games. The gameplay here is fairly simple. You've played it before. It involves killing hordes of enemies on a pre-determined path. The story is nothing outstanding, but I never expected i...

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fun 0

I must start by saying I'm not usually a fan of stealth or sniper type games. I downloaded the demo out of sheer boredom and found myself instantly hooked. I then immediately pre-ordered the game and eagerly awaited it's release. The reviews started pouring in that it wasn't really all that great, and that the overall vibe was repetitive. This didn't stray me and I'm glad it didn't. This game, like Warriors Orochi 3 are two completely fun releases that got ho-hum reviews for all the wrong reason...

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Whoa! 0

The first of many Vita games I purchased is by far the best. I had this for XBOX 360 for a short period, but like many games I let it rest for too long and never got any further than the first few stages. But to show how much I'm now obsessed with the Vita, I am now nearing completing this epic adventure, and have been loving every minute of it. The animation, illustrative style and sound fits the Vita perfectly, and has made me a true believer in the platform. this game has some of the funnest ...

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the mystery is back 0

My favorite part of games from the past was the sheer mystery of finding new things. Exploring. Talking about some mysterious location found by friends with other friends. Being overcome with sheer joy of unlocking something I never knew existed.Well, in Dark Souls this game mystery comes through again, and has reawakened my longing for finding out what comes next. Demons Souls, while scarier than many games out there, and simply the one game that made me finally purchase a PS3, was quite an ama...

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perfect blend 0

I've been long on the hunt for the addictive game that would potentially last longer than 2 weeks before burning me out, and alas! I found it! Recently I've been diving more and more into the open world RPG's, such as Oblivion and Fallout, and I've always been bummed with the combat and repetition of task after task in the same basic environment. Well not to say the environment changes all that much here, but the combat is ridiculously addictive, even though it's the same basic enemy over and ov...

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reviewers are mad 4

An absolutely gorgeous game that needs a second look by the critics. Sure, it has a lot of jumping, gliding, and a bit of repetition, but what game doesn't? These days I feel reviewers are getting a bit too critical about very minor issues, and in the process they are dragging down some really amazing studios who have put in a ton of hard work to make some unique experiences. I have a feeling if Alice was replaced with Mario, this one would have at least received a 9. The weapons, enviro...

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turn off the VO!!! 1

OK, so let me start this on the positive. The racing is amazing! It's what you'd expect from codemasters. Think Dirt 2, with a bit more finesse. It's tight and responsive handling is top tier all the way. The vehicle setup per race is a perfect addition. The graphics are gorgeous. The sfx are again outstanding. Basically all the backend components are amazing. But here is where I turn to the negative. The number one flaw, and one which nearly destroys all the great things about this game is the ...

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Here lies one of the first games I've purchased for quite some time that wasn't at least partially based on metacritic score. I went out and blindly picked it up, due to it being co-op and role playing/dungeon crawler. It was a hybrid I've been dying to see, and the fact it sported both elements, I had to get it. Now, where I think this game fails is in it's overall marketing. It's not a great Gears of War type game. It's not really like gauntlet. Hell, it's not even like diablo. It's not really...

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arcade dreamer 0

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the original in the arcade. I couldn't believe my eyes. The gore. The brutality. The sheer excitement of not knowing what to expect next. Then came part 2, where the rumor machine of secrets, and background gems became as widespread as a zombie plague. Well here my friends is the next in line of capturing that magic. The best, the fiercest, the dream maker reunion. A game I have been waiting for in fighting for quite some time. The very best Mortal Kombat...

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High Expectations 2

Now here's a game with about the highest expectations of greatness before release ever. With over 5 years of waiting, many of us have been counting the days, rescheduled release dates, and blog postings, just dying to play it. Racing games in general are so highly picked apart and compared to one another, and this one was in no doubt at the top of the list of scrutiny. Forum after forum of Forza fans and GT fans battled it out for years now, and was it really worth it? Is the game good on it's o...

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autoplay 0

Is it just me, but are games getting to the point of sitting back and watching them play, more than actually playing them? I can respect the gorgeous visuals, the customization of characters, and the overall setting, but come on now. You can literally beat this game pushing one button. The combat is super easy, and gets very boring. There are rarely any battles involving bosses, and I literally beat this game in 5 hours by skipping all the tedious side quests. I loved Fable 2, and enjoyed this o...

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Back and Forth 0

This was a tough one. At first I loved it. The grind was worth it. The missions overlapping then became annoying and the bosses became too difficult to even want to try to overcome. Then I died and found my one save to be in the wrong place, making me have to restart. I was about to sell the game and call it good, but then I found myself coming back. Not sure why, but I played from the beginning again with my new stats and found the game worth it. I overcame the hurdle of complete insane difficu...

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killed by repetition 0

"Amazing!!" I exclaimed on first look. Most fluid animation I'd ever seen in a game of this sort. Funny, over-the-top gore coupled with a character style straight out of metalocalypse. It was simply genius. But then the luster began to wear off as the same enemies were thrown at me left and right. And normally this would be ok, but as the levels increased so did the amount of hits it took to destroy enemies. To the point that it nearly gave me carpal tunnel on each scenario from the amount of ma...

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short lived n' small sprites 0

Ever since I was a kid I've been living the castlevania dream. Sometimes staying up all night waiting for the next release. Once again this happened. I remember 1 year ago talking with a friend, saying that symphony of the night would be the ultimate multiplayer game. Everyone could join up, look for all the secrets together, and ultimately unlock everything together, all within the same game. So when I heard this was coming I nearly died in excitement. But now, after staying up all night for it...

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fantastically short 0

When first firing this game up my jaw dropped from the gorgeous visuals, and fluid motion. The style oozed a film noir I've been dying to see in a  game, and the puzzles took over the majority of my time. But that time was sadly far too short as I soon realized that the game itself is really only a few hours long at most. I applaud Playdead for making such a unique experience, and can only hope it expands to something a tad longer......

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hooked 0

GTA was great, to a point. I suppose it's because of the fact that everything was too much like what we see nowadays. Crime infested cities, hoodlums in the ghetto, and car chases. I would always find myself getting about 1/3 of the way through, then setting the controller down finding myself bored beyond belief. Well Red Dead has changed my entire perspective of sandbox style games, and my entire perception of Rockstar as a whole. Not only does the western genre feel like something rarely exper...

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controllers please! 0

When first playing I thought, Wow! What a great game. The graphics are simply outstanding for the PSP, the cut-scenes are stylistic and quite gorgeous, and you can even change you control type to the way you wanna experience it. Unfortunately, even though you can do this, the controls still bog it all down. The PSP simply isn't the funnest first person console out there. More often than not I found myself battling the camera more than battling the enemies, and I simply had to stop playing it. So...

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lovely mayhem 0

A superb experience in so many ways. The gameplay is franctic, near impossible, and quite beautiful to look at. It's a true shooter in every sense of the word. And adding in the "treasure" style brings it to a level of hardcore I've been dying for in a wii game for some time. But what makes it a real winner in my opinion is the fact that continue respawn points are placed perfectly, allowing the player to move through the game without getting stuck and frustrated for hours. These checkpoints are...

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Duped 2

I'm a lover of the shooter genre and have been a big old-school player, combing through years of insane romps through bullet ridden levels. Throw in a dash of Japanese styled mayhem and I'm all over it. This release, which I had no idea was coming sparked my interest immediately. So much to the point that I didn't care about reading any reviews before picking it up. Problem is 30 minutes later I had already made my way through all the levels and unlocked over 200 achievement points, with only a ...

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This may be a bit premature of a review, but after 7 hours of gameplay all I can say is wow! Such an amazing combat system, with limitless combos and unique abilities not found in many games. Sure, at first glance it looks like utter cheese, and the over-the-top nature of it all will most definitely turn away many gamers, but just think of it as a Quentin Tarantino sort of experience. It's funny, sexy, but also gory and exciting. You'll find it hard to put down, trust me....

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Atmosphere Winner 0

A game which finally gave me reason to purchase the PS3 was well worth it. Not only is this one of the scariest games out there due to it's flawless audio and visual execution, but it's also one of the most rewarding action RPG's to come in years. The combat is simple yet highly addictive with intense encounters around every corner. The pure genius lays in it's way of captivating the player into wondering what's gonna happen next. Similar in feel to Castelvania: Symphony of the Night but unique ...

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Pure Addiction 0

What lacks in overall depth is greatly injected with pure and simple addiction. Trials HD is one of those games where you remind yourself that you're only gonna play "one more time"... over and over again. It's that simple, yet effective quality which makes this game one of the greatest time killers of all time. Add in the ability to create your own courses, on top of graphics that are truly lighting-intensive gorgeous, and get ready to spell WINNER. A must-buy for those in the XBOX Live domain....

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