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Watched this again to see if I should buy it before the movie.

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I'm a bit weary of a bigger company using Kickstarter.

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Dat pink eye

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I'd like to see someone new and young. Like, not someone from another outlet or another 30+ year old. @epicsteve might be a good pick.

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@the_anemeros said:

@rockyraccoon37: It doesn't feel like a bunch of gamers playing games anymore; It feels like a bunch of journalists playing games.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. None of the staff, with the exception of Patrick and Alex to a lesser extent (no offense!) could even be considered journalists. Besides that, these guys have all been in the industry for years-- even when Giantbomb started they had a solid number of years under their belt. They were never "gamers" playing games, they were always professionals playing games.

I'd be interested in them hiring a young person that isn't already in the industry. A fresh perspective.

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@epicsteve said:

@development said:

@epicsteve: It's far more common than you think if you think it's almost a non-issue. For one, men are pressured to think they're weak or sissies if they speak out and don't act grateful for just getting to have sex, whatever the circumstances. Think of how many women rape victims are accused of "asking for it," now multiply that by several magnitudes and you get the level of "deal with it" mentality pushed on to male rape victims. All those priests fondling little boys? That counts. My friend who I remember not taking seriously in high school when he said three chicks held him down and tried to rape him? That counts. It's not uncommon, and certainly not a non-issue.

Like I posted above, the RAINN says 1 out of 33 men are victims of sexual assault.

I speak mostly about men. Obviously with young boys there's an issue. I should've specified. But you had a male friend that was held down by three high school females and tried to have sex with all of them? Yeah, I don't see that as traumatic at all and envy him.

ur p. gross

You clearly didn't read the first half of the conversation. The way development wrote the original story indicated the male wasn't raped and the girls in the scenario just got frisky and he was ended up being ok with it. Like someone just grabbing you at bar and making out with you or something. There was poor grammar in the original story that was later clarified. So read the entire context before you go insulting other users like Steve.

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Just finished watching it. I'll have to check that game out myself now.

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Looks cool! Thanks for making a video.

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Good show guys!