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The swinging feels better in ASM 2 than it has in a long, long time, and it has more compelling side content than the last game. It's tough to recommend at forty dollars, but it isn't the flaming piece of garbage you might expect.

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What were you doing on kotaku if it's like physically painful for you or whatever?

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The Scoops of Navarro (and Patrick)

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I feel like Jonathan Blow is addressing this stuff pretty well on his twitter. Journalists were just look for dumb quotes to put in their rushed to press stories about the XB1 self-publishing thing instead of seeking insight for intelligently written well thought out articles on the subject of self-publishing.

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Yeah, it's nice for free designs and just checking out other towns/houses. Also you get 5000 bells a day for updating your suite, which isn't much but I'm a fan of free bells.

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Hey everybody! I just opened up the Dream Suite and wanted to see if anyone had a Dream Address they wanted to share.

My dream address is: 4300 2179 6878

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I can't imagine anything that makes those controllers special will be integrated into PC games any time close to launch, so there wouldn't be much of a material reason to invest the $60 if you already have a controller you're comfortable with. I think the 360 controller works perfectly well and I'm sure they'll keep making them as long as the 360 E is on the market.

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Good job Alex. You and Patrick have been supplying some excellent reading material recently, keep it up!

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I agree, spring for new head phones. I hate listening to computers.