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" Yeah a lot of people watched the ER first and stopped shortly after since they wanted to play the game (but never gettiing around to doing so). (You people know who you are, STEVE.) But anyway, you shouldn't rush through the game since the offers so many things to do on your own time. Occasionally you'll get the odd scripted sequence but that aside you'll find that there's lots to do later on. For a JRPG it is surprisingly open and linear at the same time. Play on Matty. It'll be interesting to see what someone else thinks of this little gem of a game. "
You know I've had a huge catalog of games to get through... besides, shut up.  (Don't forget who got you P3FES and P4)
Sorry had to get that attack on my pride out of the way. Anyway, you should slow down a little bit and stop generalizing everything. Go into as much detail as you feel is possible because with a game like this, the little things are the most interesting to read about. Talk about the characters and even some of the scripted scenes. It's really the dungeon crawling scenes that you should glance over, maybe highlighting one or two areas.
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I always used Heavy Warp. Don't ask me why I just always tapped that button to take out anything. Also as Adept, it's pretty difficult to run through the game without your abilities. 

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@MrSnow:  Optional?! If I get shot I'd be insulted if I wasn't looted
 That is awesome!! So far it seems to be ripping on Uwe Boll movies (well the first few anyway)
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" Congratulations. I do not care! "
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"  I've managed to coerce two friends onto GB now. I need more! "
Two!? Who's the other one? 
 (Also, yes I did check out the rules, I make it a habit before posting)
Also what is this TANG of which people speak of? I find myself oddly interested.
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" To be honest I didn't think you'd actually come onto the forums...or are you procrastinating? Because, that's what you tend to do afterall. "

No that was this morning. Getting up at 9 a.m. to do that take-home exam only to do all the work about an hour before it's due at 4p.m. and I'll still get a B (Laziness!!) 
Also thanks for all the awesome welcomes.  
Also I have a likening towards bad kung fu movies (Clones of Bruce Lee etc.) but really I like any movie which has a decent idea but is pulled off so terribly with so-bad-that-it's-hilarious dialogue. Really the only movies I can't stand are boring ones which has everything safe and no hammy acting or dialogue to make fun of
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Hello, I'm... well the name says it all. I'm a 360, DS and PC gamer. I'm an avid lover of terrible B-movies and have a tendency to like bad games also. Why? They generally make for good comedic moments (Alone In the Dark is full of these). I was referred to this site by a friend whose site name I can't remember (Yay laziness). Yeah.. so that's me in some sort of giant tin can (I never got the whole nutshell thing)