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Sorry to pimp my own stuff, but I was watching the Gametrailers coverage and something about it stuck in my craw:

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I can't see how they can have crazy levels like Trackmania. I mean, TM has loops, banked curves and sheer madness like that. I'm waiting to be proved wrong of course.

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Nicely spotted by VG247

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Bobby says "Nice business you got here West and Zampella... Shame if something happened to it eh?"

Smash smash smash smash.

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@envane: I have a 2 year old daughter. That's my excuse for the messiness and I'm sticking to it!

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This is mine as of right now. Not as messy I grant you, but I'm still ashamed.
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Has there been any indication that this uses Steamworks?

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I'm on day 7 of the 25 day process. I'll tell you this much though - I was NOT phished in anyway. I'm a 32 year old IT professional with 10 years experience in this field. I know a phish when I see one, I'm not the kind of guy to try and get free points or early access to anything (hell, even if I did get early access it would be useless with my daughter around - toddlers are real time consuming). Also I did a search with Malware Bytes and SuperAntiSpyware immediately after I noticed the intrusion and there was nothing found at all.

But yet 1920 MSP that I had on my account had been spent on FIFA booster card packs. I'm just grateful they didn't use my card to buy more or do anything else. But I would like to put it to Mr Toulouse that we're not seeing social engineering at work - at least not on my side.

Anyway, I'm recording the entire process - expect to see it on Eurogamer soon if all goes well.

P.S. Patrick - you rock for this Interview, it was a great read.

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I would love to be excited by this... Why aren't I?