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Love the vibe this game has

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Really disappointed with the launch release, and I pre-ordered the game months ago on a E3 pitch to get alpha/beta access - never doing that again.

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Best of 2009

MRutter: Best of 2009

1. Torchlight

This popped out of nowhere late this year and has satisfied my diablo urges since.

2. Shadow Complex

Ignoring the awful story, this is an excellent addition to the Metroidvania genre.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

One of those rare occasions in which a game lives up to the hype - particularly rare for licensed games.

4. Dragon Age: Origins

Baldur's Gate reborn!

5. Trine

Fantastic puzzle-platformer.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The Christmas season is never complete without a new Zelda

7. The Maw


8. Machinarium

Long live the adventure genre!

9. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Fun RTS game, I just wish windows live would die already.

10. Left 4 Dead 2

Despite being too soon for a sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 fills out a very bland year for AAA titles.

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@Gregomasta said:
" @LiquidSwords said:
" @kyrieee said:
"If you're a console gamer whose online experience begins and ends with XBL / PSN then I don't think you should comment on this issue. 
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Well this got me to cancel my pre-order.  I don't want a console FPS experience, that is why I play on the PC.

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Enslaving people..... riiight. I was talking about how you can't judge the other systems just on the failure of Medicaid and Medicare. Well I'm checking out of this, kthxbye.

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@Suicrat said:

" @ninjakiller said:

" @MRutter said:

" @Asseroth: @Asseroth said:

"  lol USA "
We pay the most for healthcare, college isn't free, and we have morons on the right like Limbaugh and Beck screaming that the government should do LESS to help the people, and people cheer!  We're seriously fucked. "
That's because of all the ways the government has intervened to "help" people has made it practically impossible for your country to get out of debt without going to war with the people to whom they are in debt. Between now and 2050, Medicare and Medicaid are approximately $50 000 000 000 000 (that's 50 trillion dollars) underfunded. There are about 300 000 000 people in the U.S.. That means each person in America (on average) is on the hook for approximately $160 000, all so your grandpa can get his hands on subsidized penis pills. "
 So what, you are basing your critical assessment of systems you don't even understand on a completely unrelated system (which you also seem to not really understand)?
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O crap, another one of those idiots.

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@Asseroth: @Asseroth said:
"  lol USA "
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FYI, you get ripped off in the US for education. I used to live in the US, but I'm really happy that I'm living in the UK for my uni years. Even in the UK (excluding Scotland where it is free) I am paying significantly less for my university education, and that is still a lot compared to the EU as a whole (which is mostly free).  At current exchange rates I have to pay around $20,000 in total for my university education at one of the top universities in the world. I'm also receiving about $5000-6000  per year in debt-free grants because my family income is below a certain amount (around $60,000is the cut off rate). I also have low interest government loans that I don't have to start paying back until I'm earning around $30,000 per year. Also, our taxes aren't that much higher.

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