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It has taken me a day to really process this. I have been trying to think of something to say but most of the community have already said it. Ryan will be greatly missed, and all I think of in relation to him is that he was one of a kind.

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@hidys:Dude check out the trailer, I am pretty sure Russel Crow is the bad guy.

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have really been enjoying the beta so far, the only real issue I have with it other than some of the bugs is that it feels more like a continuation of the Medal of Honor multiplayer than that from Bad Company 2. The level of destruction is a real let down and a real step backwards when compared to BC2 where after a round of rush the entire map looked completely different and most of the cover was just gone.But it handles nicely and I can see myself sinking a fair amount of time into it when the full game is released.

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@Droop: my 360 code came through about 30 minutes ago

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I called EA support earlier in the UK as I had heard nothing, they said to expect the email between 12pm and 2pm but it would more realistically be from 3pm - 4pm.

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@JJWeatherman: It came out in the UK last Thursday, I thought it was great
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Hello Giant Bomb community, knowing that several of the staff members have a love for the Fast and Furious series I just wanted to let you know there is a sequence after the credits that is worth seeing in the new film.

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I finished the campaign today and I have got to say I enjoyed the game. I went through Dragon Rising when it was released and liked it but I think this is a better game. The fights do not seem to take place at the extreme range that DR did. Also they have fixed the enemy bullet sponges that really annoyed me in the first. As CaLe said there is some bad dialog here but as I like a lot of over the top macho military language I did not find it that annoying.

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