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I'm glad they did somethin different, and I had no trouble makin my character look like the GTA version of myself. So yea works good for me.

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@the_laughing_man: Shackles that attach to the controller that don't open until everybody in the game feels they've had sufficient revenge? They should totally do that...

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Except for the bullet time and being white males they are completely different types of people who would probably murder each other if placed in the same room for any length of time.

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@shinjiex: Yea the way they originally described it made it sound like it would work as long as you didn't fire your weapon.

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I tried runnin over some guy who started a bunch of crap and went into passive mode, could not harm him. Did more damage to my car than I did to him. Thoroughly ran back and forth over him, pinned him between my car and the building, nothing. Maybe it not working sometimes is just another bug that needs to be fixed.

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@zeforgotten: You completely overestimate how much I care about what you said. Just seemed unnecessary to me. Also I definitely lol'ed at the complete and utter ridiculousness of it.

Sorry to the OP for hijacking their thread as well

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"I should work on locking my house down so I don't let random hobos in from the street, that's for sure.

But hey, you're probably right then, but just for the hell of it let me write it down again so we also give the "slow" people out there a chance to understand it:"

Yea dude, stay classy...

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@zeforgotten: I know the way the phone works in GTA IV and I know the way it works in V. There are way more random calls in GTA IV that have little to nothing to do with anything and all the calls you get in V are scripted so yea I know there are fewer. Also I didn't call you a liar, people just remember things differently after time has passed. I assumed that's all it was. Now the shit you said was clearly a personal attack on me and you definitely don't know shit about me.

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@naru_joe93: Wow, had no idea people were so fuckin sensitive on the subject, maybe you have and attention disorder since you seem to have missed the part where I said I enjoyed GTA IV almost as much as GTA V.