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So, let me repeat my question that got buried under other comments. Is there a way to VERIFY that the games are legit (purchased), and that the account is active? Like - ask the Sony customer service or something?  

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That's what I would think too, but I actually read the forum where he posts a lot. There's a thread where people post their purchases - every week this guy would post photos of the purchased games (or the scratch cards that he would later spend on games).  
Oh, and BTW - isn't there a way to verify this? Like - if you have the gamer tag or whatever it's called, you could report it to Sony. They would either ban the guy, or confirm the legitimacy of purchases? Just curious...

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On one of Polish gaming forums I found info about this auction: 
That's quite an impressive collection, isn't it? The guy is trying to give up the compulsive PSN purchasing habit, so he decided to sell his console. That's quite a feat for something that you wasted more than $10k on.
I am in no way affiliated with the seller, I just find the whole situation quite extraordinary. I wonder how many people have amassed such a collection of downloadable titles?

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I would definitely recommend Chinatown Wars. The gameplay is probably around 15 hours, but there is a whole lot (and I mean a WHOLE LOT) of optional content - sidequests, races, drug dealing minigame, etc. This should keep you interested throughout the trip.
One of the things I loved about Chinatown Wars is how varied it is. In one mission you participate in illegal racing, another one is delivery, another time you need to blast some gangsters. There is a sniper mission, there are getaways, police pursuits, bombings. It's all in there.
Also the way GTA: CW uses the touchscreen is neat - basically all touchscreen minigames can be played with your finger only (no need to remove the stylus for a 5-second minigame). 
 Now, about your other options:

- Infinite Space - this game takes well over 30 hours to beat. One of its biggest disadvantages though is that it has no mission log, so if you put it down for, say, a week, you will not know what to do next when you pick it up again.
- Devil Survivor - Really good, if you like tactical RPGs. The game is really good, nice storyline, slightly annoying but bearable emo dialogues, lots of depth. However, for me it got kinda repetitive after around 20 hours.

Oh, and BTW: how did you manage to finish Tetris???

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Let me tell you a story of my Wii gaming. I got my Wii soon after the (European) launch. Something like January 2007, probably. For a couple of months, me & my wife would spend at least one night almost every weekend with two of our friends mostly on the wii. We would have some food, drink some wine and play. 
We spent countless hours bowling (Wii Sports), we spent two nights (until sth like 4 AM) beating the Raving Rabbids. Then, we'd have a whole lot of fun with Wario Ware. Then, for the past 2 years, nothing - we moved on to other activities. Yes, we did spend some time with Wii Fit (and then Wii Fit Plus when I got it), we tried out all the games from Wii Sports Resort, but it was nothing like the 2007 fun.
Fast Forward to the last weekend. The friend with whom I used to play wii payed me a visit. I showed him Boom Blox Bash Party (that has been lying in my shelf untouched for a while). He would frown on the graphics (non-HD projected to a 100" screen), he would call it a kids game, but we would spend several hours getting golden medals on stage after stage after stage. My other wiimote broke, so we would just alternate - I beat a stage, then you do.
I tell you - there is still life in this white box, and a whole lot of solid gameplay too.

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@MooseyMcMan said:
" The only people who don't think Japan is weird are people who live in Japan. You've just gone crazy from all the Godzilla fumes.  "
Who, at the same time, happen to be the only people to know anything about Japan for real. Rather than cliches about Japanese culture, bushido, honour, shinto, shoyu, pants-a-matics, and Godzilla. 
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@Ignor said:
" The fascination with rape certainly is. "
This comment combined with your avatar (see below) kinda cracked me up: 
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Most of my gaming is DS now, but I spent hundreds of hours on my Wii as well. Mostly social gaming when our friends came over (wii is great for pairing with wine, it seems). It was never really about competition, beating high scores or anything - but just sheer fun.

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I must admit I've never played Guitar Hero or Rock Bank (yeah, I'm probably the last gamer on the planet to miss these). I've GREATLY enjoyed some music games though (Amplitude for PS2, the music games in Raving Rabbids, Rhythm Heaven, etc.).  

Anyways, I thought of getting one of the GH or RB games. Which one is the best out there for Wii? Which guitar should I get for maximum compatibility (in case I decide to get some other music games)?
Oh, and BTW: Hello everyone :-)

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Might be worth getting after the price cuts, if only for the classic games from PSN (like Final Fantasy VII, that I never got around to completing).

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