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@Matt: I managed to raise $76 from family members alone during G3 last week and decided to donate some time and money to Extra Life as well.

Here's the link to my page. Unfortunately I don't have the proper equipment to stream but I am offering free games to those who donate the most.

I have a download code for the full version of Halo: Reach on 360 and retail copies of Devil May Cry 2 & 3 for the PS2 up for grabs.

Looking forward to your stream, Matt. :D

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@InsidiousTuna: I like the way you think! ; )

I don't need my digital copy so I was asking a few of my friends over at Comic Vine last night what kind of contest I should hold. If you guys have any ideas or even want to co-host a contest with me so we can give away multiple copies let me know.

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You guys complaining make it sound as if you'll be switching discs out every few minutes (which if that were the case I would be rabbling right with you).  Seriously though, you get hours of play time on each disc (maybe a day or two considering how much time you get to play each day) so I honestly fail to see how this could be considered a legitimate reason to not buy a game.

The fact is, there have been cases of this every generation since the PS1 hit and there will continue to be as developers maintain to push the envelope regarding graphics and content within their games.

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Woot!  Duecenage and RJ are back. :D
Stellar work guys. 

By the way, Dead Rising 2 will be arriving on my doorstep in a few hours so I might be MIA for a day or two.  Catch ya on the strip. ; )
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@Ossi:  If you're out of coins 500 rupees and the Bangle of Aphrodite will buy you the answer you seek.  We also except Visa and werewolf pelts.

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Double rainbows! *sob*

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Beautiful Ammy drawings Bon and Ossi. :D


  Same to you.  ...Though now I'm behind because life got a little hectic for me as well (been doing paperwork for college the past few days).  Ah, well.
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Thanks guys.
@RJPelonia:  That line gun looks fantastic.

*phew* Got it posted with only thirty minutes to spare...
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