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The Gaping Maw of Madness 1

One of the many secret messages in Fez reads, “Trapped in a fez factory. Please send help.” This is a plea straight from the mouth of the game’s creator, Phil Fish, who for nearly five years, was trapped within the padded walls of his own creation. This game all but killed him, clawing away at his health, psyche and relationships.And it shows.Fez is the chronicle of Phil Fish’s descent into madness as he struggled to develop the game, and through endless mystery, obfuscation and complexity, it i...

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A Supergroup That's More Cream than Chickenfoot 0

Supergroups sound like a great idea on paper: take established artists, clump them together in one band and let them collaborate without interference. However, the same reasons that make the supergroup concept so exciting are often their undoing.Famous artists are famous for a reason. They do something people enjoy and they do it well. The trick with supergroups is melding those talents together and hoping the end result is something cohesive. Sometimes you get Cream, the original supergroup and...

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A Game that Wears its Development on its Sleeve 0

It's rare that a game is designed around a new technology in the way LA Noire was.A few years into the game's development, which actually dates back to 2004, Team Bondi began researching more meticulous facial animation solutions. They eventually partnered with an Australian tech-company named Depth Analysis whose MotionScan 3D motion capture system would provide Bondi's project with the unparalleled facial animation which it enjoys.The LA Noire that eventually emerged from this very long develo...

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Venturing into the Wild West 0

 If anything Call of Juarez: Bound in  Blood is certainly an interesting game.First off, it's an entry into that oh so tiny brotherhood of games set in the wild west. I can't for the life of me think of a setting that is in need of more exploration. Its influence on popular culture is endless and there is a massive bounty of material to plumb for inspiration. Rockstar's forthcoming Red Dead Redemption looks to be the most ambitious, and if I had to venture a guess will be the best, Western gam...

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The Flesh Is Weak 1

Every few months a game comes along that I absolutely want to love, but for some reason or another just can't. These are usually games that have fundamental mechanics that are both novel and fun, but make poor decisions when it comes to simple design choices. I really hate it when this happens. It means there is something about the experience that is resonating with me. Something that is drawing me back time and time again and therefore I must like the game. However, those feelings of elatio...

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An exercise in commitment 0

House of the Dead: OVERKILL (yes the caps are part of the title) is a light gun game drowned in the, almost topical, style of exploitation flicks and b-movies (think the Rodriguez/Tarantino joint Grindhouse from 2007). This means you will see lots of gratuitous and "shocking" violence (zombies shoving a guy through a meat grinder), oversexualized female characters, and racial stereotypes. Oh and there will be cursing. A lot of cursing. But it's all part of the game's appeal. Like any so-bad-it'...

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