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suicide is a quick solution to a temporary problem. You got this duder, kick it in the balls

*winces* .... I think you mean "permanent" solution.

Stay strong Hizang. Also, your friends sound like they sucked anyways.

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I had the exact same problem as you when I first put in the game. The game would randomly send me back to the main menu, and it wouldn't be able to load maps in multiplayer.

I cleared the cache, deleted all Halo 4 data from the HD, unplugged and plugged back in by HD, and started all over.

After that, it worked perfectly until yesterday (I got it at launch) when I beat level 6 on Heroic and was sent immediately back to the main menu with level 7 unlocked, but level 6 showing as unplayed. Pretty frustrating.

I'd clear the cache, delete all Halo 4 data, take out and put back the HD, and start over. That mostly did it for me. But, since the same thing happened to me, I think it might be a common issue with the game.

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Pretty sure Ryan mentioned in the Quick Look that he's currently working on the review.

Ah, great. I thought it might have been mentioned there. Thanks.

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Have any of the staff indicated whether or not they'll be reviewing the game? I know they don't review every game, even big releases, but Ryan's seemed pretty into the series and has done stuff on the past few.

I know one can get a pretty good idea of what the game is from its overall massive coverage and Giant Bomb's quicklook, but sometimes it's just nice to have a final word from a source you can trust.

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It disgusts me, as does the act of identifying oneself as "a gamer." It's a way of classifying and limiting oneself. It's a way of accepting an identity that's ready-made for you instead of being your own person.

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Wow. Who knew? Thanks for posting all of them.

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How about "proxy 2-gate zealot push," or any subset of that. Whatever you do, "proxy"s always a good word to stick in there.

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Do they really have to doublespeak the specs sheet? God damn.

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Can't believe no one's mentioned Postal yet. Postal 2 for sure.