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It disgusts me, as does the act of identifying oneself as "a gamer." It's a way of classifying and limiting oneself. It's a way of accepting an identity that's ready-made for you instead of being your own person.

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Wow. Who knew? Thanks for posting all of them.

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How about "proxy 2-gate zealot push," or any subset of that. Whatever you do, "proxy"s always a good word to stick in there.

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Do they really have to doublespeak the specs sheet? God damn.

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Can't believe no one's mentioned Postal yet. Postal 2 for sure.

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I think games like Super Meat Boy and Trials Evolution would be best. Those are what I play when listening to bombcasts, and I can always keep track of both pretty well.

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I'd be very surprised if it were called "The Playstation." If it's not PS4, I think they'd take it in a whole other direction. In any case, though, it'll almost certainly be the PS4. I don't know how they could throw away a brand like that.

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Smith over Kasavin? You fools! Kasavin is one of the best dudes in the biz, and he has the creative chops to back it up, both as a reviewer and game-maker. If everyone voting was around for his Gamespot days, I guarantee this vote would be going the other way.

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I agree with

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I don't identify with gamers at all

Oh good god, no. I'd have to agree with you that vocal people who call themselves "gamers" are a bizarre group of people. The stuff they get worked up about, complain about, base their opinions on, etc. is patently absurd, and I think it would be hard to be happy if one thought the way they do. The term "gamer" itself is cringe-inducing, and the idea that "gamer" culture is considered typical by the general public is offensive and, to be honest, embarrassing. To me, a self-titled "gamer" is someone who fully buys into the marketing geared for them, and basically borrows their identity from a stereotype. I think it's disgusting and sad. Be glad you don't identify with that culture.

As for wanting to stop playing games and do other, more productive things, I think the only thing to say is that you should go after what you want. I mean, think about it. The reason you started playing games was because you liked it, right? If it's not enjoyable anymore, then there goes your reason to play. There isn't a higher reason to play games, unlike school or work, or even playing an instrument, so there's no reason do dig deep and power through the lulls in your motivation. If you want to see yourself playing games 5 years from now, that's a different story. But if you're ready to let it go, then I say let it go.