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Smith over Kasavin? You fools! Kasavin is one of the best dudes in the biz, and he has the creative chops to back it up, both as a reviewer and game-maker. If everyone voting was around for his Gamespot days, I guarantee this vote would be going the other way.

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I agree with

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I don't identify with gamers at all

Oh good god, no. I'd have to agree with you that vocal people who call themselves "gamers" are a bizarre group of people. The stuff they get worked up about, complain about, base their opinions on, etc. is patently absurd, and I think it would be hard to be happy if one thought the way they do. The term "gamer" itself is cringe-inducing, and the idea that "gamer" culture is considered typical by the general public is offensive and, to be honest, embarrassing. To me, a self-titled "gamer" is someone who fully buys into the marketing geared for them, and basically borrows their identity from a stereotype. I think it's disgusting and sad. Be glad you don't identify with that culture.

As for wanting to stop playing games and do other, more productive things, I think the only thing to say is that you should go after what you want. I mean, think about it. The reason you started playing games was because you liked it, right? If it's not enjoyable anymore, then there goes your reason to play. There isn't a higher reason to play games, unlike school or work, or even playing an instrument, so there's no reason do dig deep and power through the lulls in your motivation. If you want to see yourself playing games 5 years from now, that's a different story. But if you're ready to let it go, then I say let it go.

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If you really think about what your complaint is, you'll see that you're not at a long-term disadvantage at all.

Let's say terran is underpowered due to recent nerfs. What would happen in that case? Well, all terrans would begin losing a lot, until the system started giving them weaker opponents. After that, their winning percentages would be back at 50%.

So where are you in this process? It seems like you're in the phase where you're winning less than you used to. In that case, after maybe ten or so more games, you should be right back where you want to be: evenly matched with your opponents, and winning at about 50%.

Do you really want to stop playing this game forever because you feel you're at a disadvantage for the next few games until your MMR readjusts?

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Is this real life? It's just a joke. It's simplifying 'banana' as if it were b*a*n*a*n*a. What's the question?

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@chan05 said:

Done. Good luck!

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Hey everybody.

I downloaded the demo of this to see if I wanted to buy it, and, as I expected, it's great. However, my Xbox completely freezes after only a few minutes every time I start the demo up. I tried playing other games and it didn't happen with them. I wouldn't care if the issue would stop when I download the full game, but seeing as how the demo basically is the full game with some artificial restrictions, I'm afraid the full game would freeze, too.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue, and, if they did, did the full game freeze as well, or is there another solution?

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What exactly is a hidden object game? Sorry, I don't browse the bargain PC game bin, because who the fuck would do that?

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"X-person" in games usually refers to the camera set up. In that way, a second-person game would look like a third person game, but the camera would be located in the head of another character. Something similar to this is when you're being chased by the cops is some of the GTAs, and the camera switched to a third-person view of the police car chasing you. That's still third-person, though.

As far as storytelling goes, you could say that all games are told in the second person, in that they give you commands. They say things like, "Go to the bridge." That means you, through the character. It gets complicated when it comes to interactive media. I think what you really want to know is if any game addresses the player directly, as the person playing the game. I haven't heard of doing that; it would be cool, though.

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Wow... the giantbomb community is really disapointing this days. He is just sharing something he noticed and is telling us his own opinion wich I think is valid. No need to be such dicks you guys. CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

The irony. He can share his opinion and that's ok. We share our opinions on his opinion and that's not ok. WHERE'S THE LINE!?!?!?!?

Deusx was saying that people shouldn't be dicks, not that they shouldn't share their opinion.

I'm not really sure people have been real dicks on here. We might have teased and asked, for good reason, 'why' but I don't think we've been excessively rude. I think we're teasing more then anything else. But what I see happening on these boards a lot are people sharing an opinion and, once other people give an opinion that is different then the original opinion, people scream, "You're all being dicks!". Maybe that wasn't what was implied by deusx so, if that is so, then sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Yeah, I don't think you were a dick. Some people said that they hated threads like this, and things like "Who the fuck cares." They were being dicks.

I do think, though, that people (not speaking directly to you, JasonR86) are missing the point of the thread. Edin obviously made it to bring IGN's somewhat shady front page decisions to the community's attention, in order to get consensus on whether what they're doing is ok or not. People mostly are responding by telling him how to avoid IGN, as if he made the thread to get advice. I'm sure he knows that he doesn't have to go to IGN, but, like it or not, they are a major player in videogaming news and content, and it's ok for the community to have an opinion on the way they present their information. I think it's fine to bring it to the attention of the community if they're doing something slightly underhandedly, and people giving Edin advice on the matter are not understanding that that's the point of the thread.

With that in mind, I think the least dickish response is "Huh, that's a little messed up. It doesn't really change my opinion of IGN, though; they've sucked for a long time."

The problem with the less dickish response you gave was that it only allows for one opinion. When people say, "Don't go to IGN." what they're saying is 'Don't support IGN'. IGN, like every other site, cares about one thing; page views. When page views are up, the site gets more revenue from advertisers. So, by not going to IGN, the OP would no longer be supporting IGN or their editorial practices.

That said, every response that is an honest response (by that I mean one that is beyond making fun of the OP) is as valid an opinion on the matter and/or the OP's opinion as the OP's original opinion on IGN.

Fair enough. It is quite narrow to view only one response in a positive light.