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You might want to try Plants Vs. Zombies. The demo is really fun.

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What the fuck is wrong with people who don't get what @bkbroiler is saying? It's pretty clear, no?

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Has anybody ever had Cambodian sushi? 

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@LiquidPrince said:

@NTM said:

Come on... I'm pretty sure every guy has something sexual in mind. Right?

Yes sir.

Yeah, I mean, rape... right? I mean for me, it was rape. That's what you mean, isn't it? It's... it's rape. For sure.
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GTFO. There are other fish in the sea. She broke your heart before, and she's obviously not over this last guy. Just end it before you get really hurt. What you'd losing by breaking up is not worth risking her screwing you over again.

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Revenge of the Sith for sure. The transformation from Anakin to Vader is incredible to watch in slow motion. Granted, the acting is pretty bad, but the simulcast fights between Yoda and Palpatine and Anakin and Obi Wan, leading into the nearly wordless final, say, ten minutes is nearly perfect.

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I'm trying to add funds to my PS Wallet to buy Escalation,  but when I try to add money, I get error 80023102. Anybody else having  the same issue? It's so frustrating having it released and ready to download and being unable to do so. Arrgghh!

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Don't incorporate the console into your identity before you decide which one you want. We're in the future now. This is not the N64, Gamecube, or Wii that you so dearly loved. Those are all in the past, and no one can touch the great times you had with the Wii. That is sealed forever, and will always be yours. This is the future, and this console is new. I know it's hard not to leap forward and embrace the WiiU instantly, given how much you want your experience with it to be the same as it was with the Wii. But that's over now. This thing is new, and be careful about holding things dear when you don't really know too much about them.

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Jesus Christ, people on this site used to be understanding. So many assholes. I totally agree with you @ DuhQbnSiLo. I never buy dlc, and it sucks that people are slowly paying for more and more bits of content seemingly without taking result into account. I don't think that all DLC offerings are overpriced, or that all $60 games are overpriced, mind you, but the larger amount of transactions that the DLC format provides allows for a slippery slope of spending that never existed in the old, one time payment format.

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Well shit.