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@Jaytow said:

I've always been able to ignore the fact that some resident evil games are "bad", they have a charm that really appeals to me so I'll eventually get ORC anyway.


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@Atramentous said:

@PixelPrinny said:

@Atramentous said:

We used to buy video games based only on box art and we had a blast with all of them even if they were terrible. Just sayin.

Because regardless of whether or not we liked them our parents wouldn't buy us another for 6 months anyways.

Disposable income changes peoples tastes and tolerances :P

What was this topic about again? Why'd I come in here? ... I forgot... Oh well.

Valid point. I guess not everyone of here has been buying there own games since the 16-bit era. I still find the rampart complaining to be in pretty poor form. After all, every game is fun to at least someone.

I personally never tried an SH or RE game or any PS/PS2 game until I watched my son play RE4 one day and caught my self getting into it. Curiosity got the best of me and I hunted down a copy of RE The director's Cut...fell in love and have been absolutely hooked ever since. Tried the original SH because someone suggested it because I liked RE so much and I was waiting for RE5 to come out. I had the same thing happen when I tried that one and again...hook, line sinker. Maybe that's why I'm so stuck on them. I had maybe 10 games tops throughout my entire childhood. I started being into games so late in life that at this point I truly don't see my tastes and tolerances ever changing at least not where RE and SH are involved.

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@duggshammer: It's not that I didn't expect to see criticism when I joined the site. I just didn't expect the fans to be so harsh or to focus so much on the negative over the positive. I have at least some gripe about almost every game I've ever played or movie I've ever seen, but that doesn't mean I have to ignore what was good about it and focus only on what irked me.

I was referring to the newest RE's. I definitely liked 4 over 5 and I agree they probably will get more money from more action, but I personally will really miss the puzzles.

I'm glad I am too....Doesn't everyone like fun?

I can't argue there...Sheva is a complete idiot as an AI.

Very valid point! I'll have to keep that in mind from now on.

Good to know...Favorite movie?

The switch to action was a major adjustment for me especially since I'm not much of a gamer other than the 2 franchises I've been talking about, but I guess by the time they switched on me I was too into the story and too into the characters to not roll with the punches and get into the new games as they've came out.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the tip and the welcome! I was going nuts with the whole no more than 5 posts or 2 comments in a row trying to respond to people!

I haven't gotten it yet. I came really close to, but I knew buying Downpour and Operation Raccoon City this month were going to break me so I opted to wait until the beginning of April....Plus I have the backwards compatible version of the PS3 and still play my original versions of the SH games whenever the urge strikes me.

It doesn't matter if other people don't like them. Doesn't matter at all to me so long as they keep making them. I was only commenting on the bitching by people who are fans of the 2 franchises. Not that I don't understand someone liking something and still not liking every single aspect of it. I was simply shocked by the extreme negativity I'd seen from some fans. If I wrote down everything I disliked about each of the games from both RE and SH that have ever been made I'm sure I could fill pages, but anytime I bitch about something I'm a fan of I'm also going to give you why I still loved or at least like it.

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@Still_I_Cry: I'll just have to take your word on that...never done any research on the ethical density of any region of Africa.

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@Vorbis said:

I think a lot of RE fans pine for the days of Survival Horror and hate the direction the series has taken. Hence all the hate.

But they should get over it because it's not coming back.

That's probably a big part of it. Everything changes though and not accepting it is just setting yourself up to be disappointed.

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@believer258 said:

Welcome to the hardcore gaming crowd, where even the goddamn name is criticized to hell and back!

Thanks for the welcome and good to know!

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@destruktive said:

i would recommend expanding your gaming spectrum a little. You probably have much to catch up to, both newer and older then the PS2 era that'll cater to your interests

The original RE and SH are probably my faves so maybe I'll give the classics section on the PS store a look.

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@Soapy86 said:

When you exclusively stick to a couple of franchises, I guess it's easier to ignore a game's faults. Or maybe not even notice them? You should broaden your gaming horizons. Maybe try Dead Space.

Very good point and you're probably right about not noticing certain faults since I don't play many games. I've been considering trying some other games so thanks for the tip. :-)

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@Abyssfull: I have to disagree about ORC. Everyone's entitled to their opinion including you, but my personal opinion is that I'm still pleased with my purchase regardless of its flaws. I've had the game pre-ordered since August of last year and am honestly just thrilled to have a new RE game after waiting so long since RE5. I'm not saying it's the best of the franchise by any means, but it's different which is nice and a welcome distraction until RE6 comes out.

As for Downpour I've seen good and bad feedback on it. I loved it and think people would enjoy it more if they'd stop expecting it to live up to their very first SH experience.

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@Jaytow said:

Resident Evil 5 was a good game but not what I wanted from the series.

@Jams: Silent hill... I assume.

I agree completely about RE5, and yep SH stands for Silent Hill.

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