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I would love to get Tropico 4.

Thank You! :D

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I'm always down for some backyard bats, or at least when I'm online.

Steam ID: MSX2

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Tampere, Finland

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@demoskinos: This should work:

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Two Men Allegedly Overheard Incredibly Explosive Skype Conversation While Being Treated for Heart Failure, Still Critical

Tiny Pony Kidnapped, May Be the Year 2010: Day Four of the Vagina'

Dogs at Weddings Possibly Eliminate Need for Speed Movie Forgot Cars, Yo

Kanye West the Ass ... Or Not?

Man Forgets Severed Penis on His Own Mobile Game

Michelle Obama Says He Needs to Watch Jenny McCarthy Joins the Alliance

30 Killed, 1000 Wounded in Santa Monica Shooting, Gunman Is Dead (in This Simpsons Gag

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I get the feeling I will be seeing this one a lot.

Occasionally makes complex choices.

In thrall to own baser desires.

Tries to fill void with things.


Uses women heartlessly - then again, no sane woman would want to know!

Spends time with family - and manages not to kill them - maybe a possible sign of progress?

Will end up very rich or entirely bankrupt. Cannot decide which.

Frighteningly myopic about suffering (of others).

Seems to prefer well considered crimes - in some instances.

Not into yoga, it seems.


Friendly, in a way.

Not able to really finish things they start.

Don’t know if they need help, but I know I do!

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I sent a request for the Xbox 360 crew.

Username is Kuutamo.

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