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MKII remains the best game in the series, and the SNES version is the best version.

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@beachthunder: Gen6 was the real birth of online console gaming, it also represented A huge graphical jump (Gen5 was the birth of polygonal graphics but they looked like crap even then).

Also the scope of games expanded greatly in Gen 6. We started to get the huge blockbuster AAA titles more regularly.

Of course this is all my opinion and specific perspective.

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I'm 31 so Gen4 is my wheelhouse. Really just because of the SNES. The Genesis was fine but the SNES was a console superpower.

Much respect to Gen6 though. Changed everything.

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Loved this game.

I think this is actually the game! The youtube videos are what convinced me. Hard to pull from 20 year old memories, but this seems to be it! Thanks!

You can still actually buy the thing for $25! No idea how it runs on modern systems, but man I really loved it. You could design and upgrade your own ships, and it had this whole simulated MMO feel to it.

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@fadetofunk: Hrm, well in Inner Space no files were deleted from your computer of course. There was some stupid art game that did that, but far more people talked about it than ever played it. Not sure what the game you are thinking of is though, but the second I heard Danny talk about the game he remembered on the Bombcast I thought of Inner Space. It was actually pretty ahead of its time.

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Loved this game.

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Yak 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. I've been steadily bitching about Yak 5 not coming west since 2012, and here it is. I am pleased as fucking punch right now.

This is all because of Sony's making the list program. If you are interested in this game, it's very important you buy it to demonstrate it was worth their time bringing it over. Yakuza Zero looks amazing and it this does well our chances of getting Zero go up quite a bit.

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The shu gag was funny.

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I missed the first round because I'm an idiot. Ordering now to see if we can get a reprint! I need this shirt!

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Just wanted to say that I am really psyched to see all this new video content going up, particularly Quick Looks of lesser known, smaller games. Loving that I can go to GB and see new content being posted over the course of the day!

Keep it all up guys! You are doing a great job.