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Ryan's death was devastating. Even though I was never fortunate enough to meet him in real life, I felt (and still feel) like I lost a family member or close friend. It was all so sudden, unexpected, and unfair. My thoughts are with the GB Duders, his widow, and his family today. This world can be a truly shitty place, but I think Ryan made it just a bit better for all of us.

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No structural changes are necessary, nor will they even be helpful.

The community just needs to come together and make it clear that it won't tolerate or even humor this kind of behavior. This is our responsibility.

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I just sleep in the shower most nights. More convenient that way.

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Blade Runner.

What? Come at me bro.

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I am all for this.

I also suggest everyone change their avatar to their favorite picture of Ryan on the 3rd. Just as a measure of remembrance.

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Yep, sounds like an amateurs first visit to a Vegas strip club to me.

Next time, go with some veterans, establish your budget and objectives early on, and stick to your guns. These girls hustle for money, and they make nothing by leaving you alone.

Or, you know, don't go to strip clubs.

Up to you.

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I'm pretty sure that JR postcard is from a package I sent Jeff (the one with the shitty beef jerky that he opened on a mailbag a while back).

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Chili cheese fries are basically just southern poutine.