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Chili cheese fries are basically just southern poutine.

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You people are crazy if you thought they were going to hire someone from the community for an editor role.

Of course they already had people in kind for these positions. The relationships between the staff are vital and it's insane that they would take a risk with an unknown.

And yes, of course it was a formality to put the listing public. Happens all the time.

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As big and as sharp as they'll give it to me.

Unless I am doing something at the same time, in which case just default windowed in the background or on my second screen.

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huh backwards is huh MINDBLOWN

Also... there are THREE letters in huh... and it starts with an h!


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Happy to join, but ya gotta post a link.

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I love GB and will always buy my memberships and every new t-shirt they make (some of them twice), but this is a terrible idea.

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Looks pretty cool, can't wait to play it.

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Guys, I think they should really change things up. Just imagine: in the next game, what if Zelda was a girl?!

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If you want ra-ra positive cheerleading during E3, may I direct you to 100-odd other video game news sites?

I come to GB for the staff's honest reactions. If that's how they feel, I want them to vocalize it. 90% of the time, I agree with them.