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Cute, but it's not as clever as it thinks it is.

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For fuck's sake people, you are not going to discredit her criticism by attacking her personally. That's logical fallacy 101. Shit like this makes us look awful.

If you disagree with her points, then counter them.

Whether she is personally a gamer or not doesn't matter. It's not about HER.

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How is this not a Polk thread?

Also, coke.

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How is this not a Polk thread?

Also, coke.

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Oh good. Can we all start talking about Anita Sarkeesian too while we are at it?

Here's an idea: all people should have health insurance, we should all pay the same amount into it. The numbers work out perfectly fine that way. Dividing people into sub groups isn't helpful in any way.

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The intensely negative reaction to this article and topic ate reaffirming my faith in the gb community.

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Just like the title says. A group of my friends had spent a three day weekend in Atlantic City drinking, gambling, not sleeping, and generally putting themselves into a near catatonic stupor.

Right before it was time to pack up and go, they all returned to their hotel room, flipped on the tv, and experienced what can only be described as a mass hallucination.

They saw a movie, a comedy, all in Spanish, about a woman running away from men in suits. At one point she is in a mall, and to escape these men she takes a job as a chicken mascot in front of a store. This fools them for a moment but then she screws up, is fired, the men see her and she is running again. Eventually she ends up on a skating rink, is cornered by the men.. and then goes into some sort of dance. This mesmorizes the men and she is able to get away.

At some point after this, the woman ends up at a mansion of an old sick man, who takes her on as a maid. He is dying, hooked up to all sorts of machines. The men can't find her because she is in the mansion. However, the old man starts to actually die, and the woman starts messing with all the machines, palying some sort of videogame trying to save his life. Of course she screws up and the man dies, and the woman is back out on the street running from her pursuers.

The movie ends with the woman on a bus, going back to Mexico (?). She believes she is safe, having evaded her pursuers. The last shot of the movie is of another passenger on the bus reading a newspaper. They lower the paper and its revealed that this is one of the men. The end.

Now, again, this movie is ALL in Spanish. No one who saw it can remember the name, none of my friends speaks Spanish. I would say they dreamed it, but they all describe exactly the same thing when they talk about this. They have tried googling and searching around, with no luck.

So, it's a long shot, but do any of you have any idea what movie this may be? Hoping you guys will make me a motherfucking hero here.