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Summoner 2

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No More Heroes

Road Rash

Biker Mice From Mars

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Totally cool if they don't do one, but they should let us know either way so we know what to expect.

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Giantbomb: Entertaining

Polygon: McElroy

Gamespot: Confusing

IGN: Fine

Gametrailers: Why?

Kotaku: Unreliable.

Destructoid: Sterling

Joystiq: Kotaku-lite.

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Darksiders 2. Completely ruined the series for me.

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Making it all the way through Kings Quest V in one go as a kid, not dying at all through the ending. It was the first game I beat on my own. A key moment in my gaming life.

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I am an attorney who studied IP law pretty obsessively in law school. Copyright is fascinating, but it is also a complete mess.

It gets even worse when you realize that some of these companies enforce their copyright claims against the little guys, seemingly for no good reason, because they actually HAVE to, or else they run the risk of weakening or losing their copyright entirely.

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This still going on? Cut it out people.

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@cptbedlam: nothing you do or say will ever be interesting enough for any government to actually notice or care. You think they have nothing better to do than to fuck with nerds? They are engaging in high level anti criminal and anti terrorism surveillance, while attempting to protect the country from cyber attacks. These are serious people with serious jobs. They have more important things to do than to watch you eat cheetos and watch Archer on Netflix.