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As excited I am for this game to come out on Vita (especially since I've tried this game in arcades and failed miserably, losing quarters in the process), I'd love to see a standard DJ Max Portable game made for the system.

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yeah... definitely will depend on how you hold the system and what games you play. haven't had much of an issue with it playing Lumines.

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I'm terrible at shoot-em-ups, but I still play them. The Touhou games on PC and DoDonPachi (Resurrection and Blissful Death on iOS since I unfortunately don't own the necessary consoles to play the equivalent versions of them on)... oh and Espgaluda 2. Cave is serious business.

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Been "playing" the Beta on PC... SOOOOOO tempted to want to buy it when it comes out, but that would require having me to DEFINITELY upgrade my gfx card. Man, my GTX 260 doesn't cut it anymore... I can barely run the beta at 1280x720 LOL.

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Add another mark to the wall of people who are having issues with Achievements not syncing onto the site as well... Steam achievements anyway.  Heck I can't even find the options for where I can remove/re-add my Steam profile in the settings anymore. 

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The caption under that picture of Peter basically summarizes the entire article lol

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@Slaker117 said:
I'm not normally a big fan of Penny Arcade, but yesterday's comic pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.
Call me crazy, but I'd still pay $40 for the best game on a dedicated portable, compared to 40 of the best $.99 games in the App store... the MAIN reason for my personally not jumping on the 3DS bandwagon yet is solely because of the damn battery issue.  Once they fix that, I'm sold.
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anyone else genuinely feel concerned for Vinny's well-being now? a few podcasts back, i almost felt bad for the guy... TRYING to be enthusiastic about DA2.  borderline sounded like he was putting up with torture lol

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@MisuseOfLasers said:
" I'm Asura this game will be fun. "
my body was not prepared for that play on words....
not prepared at all...
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if it's something from Valve, who gives a fuck how long it takes to get released?  everything they make is gold.