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@mtmckinley: I assume you guys mean Blacklight, not Blackwater. Where did you get the info about the Blacklight team? Just curious.

No, we're referring to Blackwater, Giant Bomb's worst game of the year a couple years ago, and also developed by Zombie Studios. I know because *I* work at Zombie Studios as well.

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Just to alleviate some of those "From the creators of Blackwater" concerns, the team responsible for Daylight is an entirely different team then the one responsible for Blackwater. Also, about 90% of that Blackwater team no longer work at Zombie and those that do are mostly in their Serious Games department doing non-commercial products.

Just FYI to those who care!

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Vampies is probably a misspelling, but I say leave it :)

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@DJJoeJoe said:

What do you mean exactly, like a meter on screen that shows a range or something? The game already shows when someone will notice you and you can look at that to see how fast it is... indicating? It's exactly the same as in Splinter Cell Conviction. I don't see the need for anything more than this for showing when someone is going to 'detect' you or whatever, it's really contextual and the rate at which they detect you is based on a few different things of course.

Do you just mean a constant text on screen that says hey you're a repair man and you will not fit in with X type of people in this current area? It does display a notification when you're trespassing based on your outfit, trespassing and hostile area notification.

Well, in Blood Money, if you had the right outfit, you could pretty much go anywhere without any problems. I can understand that being a little over powered and needed some limitation to give it some challenge, but I'm not a big fan of being in a level full of cops and taking a cop disguise, only for it to not be an effective disguise against... well, cops. Sure, I can understand keeping your distance and having the arrow indicator show up if you loiter around or get too close, but if a cop is down the hall looking in my general direction, I don't think they should necessarily pick me out of a crowd as being an imposter from 40 yards away.

That's all.

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Great QL! I'm really enjoying the game. My only real complaint is the disguise system (need a "distance" modifier for people seeing through your disguise, I think), but it's not a game-breaker for me.

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I just saw the indoctrination theory video. I love how this was presented! So much that I'm just going to make that my ending. It's just too awesome not to and it makes my memory of the trilogy a happy one.

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Best Games I played in 2011

Hey, guys, thought I'd write up some thoughts on some of my favorite games of 2011, in no particular order. I will talk spoilers, so be warned ahead of time! Also, this list isn't limited to games that came out in 2011... just games that I played in 2011. I don't always play things right away. For example, if I were to do this list again for 2012, Saints Row: The Third could be in it, seeing as I just started playing it today.

Portal 2

Obvious, yes. There will probably be a lot of obvious in my list. But like everyone else, I think Portal 2 was awesome. That ending blew my mind and after it happens, it feels like it couldn't have ended any other way! I still haven't played the multi-player yet, as I want to play it with someone who hasn't already done it and it's difficult to find those people these days, but I gifted a copy to my brother for Christmas, so maybe I solved that problem now! ;) I also love the commentary mode and played through twice just to listen to it!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I loved the original Deus Ex and shared in the fan disappointment of its sequel from back in 2003 or whenever. I went ahead and jumped in to this one and was pleasantly surprised as how it felt like the original to me. It wasn't perfect, but I loved the sense of player choice and the challenge of a pacifistic playthrough. I played through several times to see different endings and choose different paths. Boss fights sucked though.

Alpha Protocol

Not quite as obvious. I knew going in of the problems many had with this game's RPGness, so it helped to prepare me for what the game was as opposed to what it looked like it was supposed to be. I really liked the different story paths and played through twice to see different ways things could happen. Gameplay could have been better, but it wasn't too terrible. It really was the story that propelled me through more then anything else.


I heard everyone talking about how great Borderlands was but couldn't understand it. Bought it on a whim when it was on sale on Steam and of course, loved it. Definitely scratched that Diablo-itch and I enjoyed the shooting. Didn't quite grab me enough to buy all the DLC (maybe once it's on sale as a bundle).


Back to the obvious pick. Skyrim sucked up over 100 hours for me and I did pretty much everything. Once the mod scene and DLC packs come out, I'll probably get back to it. But for now, I think everyone knows everything there is to know about this game from Giant Bomb's coverage.

More to come later!

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Year 7 2006 (continued)

I hired a moving company to ship the majority of my stuff and I packed my car as much as it would fit and made my way. The trip took 3 days of constant driving! Drove through Texas, through New Mexico and Arizona, and into the Los Angeles area. Then started north all the way up California, through the mountains that separate the two states, and finally into Oregon. I made it on Sunday, the day before my job started! Took all day unpacking my car and getting that stuff set up. It'd take another week before the rest of my junk arrived.

The next day I officially began the day as a Buzz Monkey Software Environment Artist!

My first project was NFL Street 3. Now I'm not the biggest sports game fan (I like sports, just don't like sports games) so I didn't know what I would feel about it going in, but I came to realize that, while I didn't necessarily like the game, I DID enjoy working on it. My first task was to create one of the 8 "stadiums".

The NFL Street series was like a successor to NFL Blitz from the old arcade days. Smaller teams, limited rules, crazy tackles and acrobatics. Not "serious" football at all. So the stadium I worked on was a warehouse. The game would be on the floor of the warehouse with tall shelves of boxes and machinery all around.

I was nervous! The only projects I had worked on before that were fantasy, sci-fi, and more fantasy; so to do a "realistic" style was something I hadn't done in a while. But they gave me several weeks, and I learned a ton! In addition to creating the stadium, I had to also port it to the PSP version of the game as well, which meant creating a much lower poly, smaller texture memory version.

In one of my first few weeks working there, they had a ship party for completing work on Tomb Raider Legend. Even though I had nothing to do with that title, I was an employee, so of course I could attend. It was the first such part I had ever been to! NONE of the games I had worked on prior to this had ever shipped, so of course I never had a ship party! It was so great to see that, yes, it COULD be done! Everyone who was on that team all got these awesome decorative swords with the buzz monkey logo on the hilt and a good time was had by all.

The best thing I took from that party was the knowledge that at Buzz Monkey... games got made! But more importantly, games got FINISHED!