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Spoilers ahead!

I was re-playing Mass Effect 3, using my otherShepard character - the renegade female one when I suddenly found something very interesting. While I was still choosing renegade options, I found myself actually agreeing with them. Let me explain. On my first playthrough of the series, I was Paragon Male Shepard. In Mass Effect 2, I had managed to defeat the Collectors with only one casualty... my love interest, Tali. Everyone else lived and in ME3 I found myself rekindled with my old flame Liara.

I cured the genophage for my old buddy Wrex and his new hunny, I mourned as Mordin sacrificed himself to get it done. I sided with Legion when it came time to choose between the Quarians and the Geth... without Tali's influence, the Quarians all perished... I felt I had done everything I could to get them to see reason, and their destruction was their own doing.

I rescued the Rachni Queen... again... and managed to keep Grunt around in the process. Garrus came back to serve under me, I saved Jack from Cerberus, Miranda died in my arms saving her sister, I shook Jacob's hand as he announced he was going to be a father, I kept Samara from killing herself over the death of her daughters, I even convinced old Zaeed to stop his merc ways and join up against the Reapers... and I literally got a bit misty at the death of Thane.

All of that was very satisfying, if not a bit "what a coincidence! You!" about it all. Then that ending... just tore me up that it seemed all ruined by that.

Then, I played my renegade... the one where out of all of those characters from ME2, only Garrus and Grunt survived. No one else.

Garrus joined me again and that was great... but I got to Jack's school and she wasn't there. Her students were on their own, and not all of them survived the attack. Miranda was replaced by her sister discovering the bad news about her dad. Jacob's child would never be. I ended up putting a bullet in the last of Samara's children. Thane wasn't around to stop the assassin and we lost the Salarian councilor. Tali was still not around, but this time... neither was Legion. Just an AI duplicate of him that I didn't trust. The Geth were wiped out. A clone of the Rachni Queen? I don't think so. Left her to die. All of that was different, and interesting, but nothing as interesting as the genophage differences.

Urdnot Wreav was the main Krogan this time... see, I killed old Wrex way back in the day. Mordin was long dead, so his replacement, the not-nearly-as-talented, but still brilliant salarian scientist Padok Wiks was there to help in his place. This character, truly, was a delight. He was eccentric, like Mordin, but in different ways. He actually had faith in some sort of spiritual Creator which was very un-Salarian of him. He was also funny and piont-blank asks Eve how Krogan mate. Her answer? Very clumsily. And Wreav... all he talked about was revenge for the genophage. Something Wrex would be against if he were still here. So when offered the deal by the Salarian Dalatrass? To fool the Krogan into thinking they are cured when they weren't? I took the deal. And when Wiks confronted me about it... he decided he agreed. See, Eve had died because Wiks was unable to stabilize her immune system, unlike Mordin. Without her guidence, Wreav would become a despot. Wiks and I both walked away as the faulty cure was spread. The Krogan would continue to be practically unbreedable, and peace would prevail. Had Wrex survived or Mordin... that might have ended a lot differently. But since they were both gone, I did it gladly. Something I never would have done against Wrex when given the same choices.

Anyway, I found that very interesting. I have heard that there is a way to spare the Quarians AND the Geth and I have a 3rd playthrough of ME2 with all members surviving to try it out with. All in all, my disappointment about the ending is still there, but my admiration for the game and its story from beginning to *almost* the end has been uplifted and is quite profound.

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Good point, I failed to consider that. I'll put stuff into spoiler tags.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Red Dead Redemption had my favourite ending. Having John getting shot to death expecting to tbe the end of the game and it changes to you controling his son Jack and you hear the gun fire in the distance. Easily my favourite game.

Oh yeah, I totally agree. This was an amazing ending! I'll add that to my list!

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After beating Mass Effect 3 and feeling the same disappointment that much of the internet is talking about, I thought to myself what some actual *good* endings of games have been like. And come to think of it, it's actually hard to think of any games that I've played that have had real, honest-to-goodness, GOOD endings. Here's a few off the top of my head that I managed to think of, in no particular order. Yes, SPOILERS are ahead!

Saints Row the Third

Ryan is right, you really need to play Saints Row. It has two endings, both of which are just absurd and gratifying. First you're on Mars fighting aliens, and while at first this is a shock, it becomes obvious that it's supposed to be a movie set. Either way, it's hilarious. But the other ending, the one that is probably "canon" is much more entertaining and finds the Boss is having to take down a massive flying aircraft carrier as it bombards the city, ending with the he or she calling for succession of his city from the entirety of the United States, creating his own little Saints Row country! I'm looking forward to the craziness that ensues in Saints Row 4.

Hitman: Blood Money

I love the Hitman games, but until Blood Money, they all were a bit janky. Blood Money hit it right on the head for sandbox-style assassinations for me and I played it multiple times through. The ending can be infuriating, but at the same time, seemed almost like an easter egg that you had to find out about which made it that much cooler. At first, the ending seems like such a downer, with Agent 47 seemingly killed and on a funeral pyre. However, Diana essentially cures you of your death-like coma. As a player, watching the ending credits roll as Agent 47's heartbeat slowly gets faster and louder, you await his ultimate victory... only to go up in flames. If you're like me and put the controller down for endings so you don't accidentally skip them, this can be jarring, but trying it again, tapping the controls to actively get Agent 47 to jump up, grab a hostage and, controlled by you, start killing every single mutha in the room... is SO epic! But hard as heck to achieve.

Sam & Max

The Telltale Sam & Max series have had great, funny stories, each subsequent series being better then the last. They accomplish call backs like no other.

Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy have gone down hill since 6 (in my opinion!). FF6 had a huge cast of characters with interconnecting relationships and problems that could be resolved through side-quests and missions, tons of secrets to find, amassing in an epic battle... that destroys the world! You then need to gather up the troops to make another final push into the final dungeon to conquer evil once and for all and rebuild the planet. Wow, very similar to Mass Effect, now that I type all that, but does it all right!

Red Dead Redemption

Where Mass Effect was trying to go when it comes to heroic sacrifice, Red Dead accomplishes in spades. This complete anti-hero who has committed so many atrocities in his life finally gets his family to safety at the cost of his own. He tries so hard to do what seems to be the right thing throughout the game (assuming you play it that way, of course) only to end up in the sights of a firing squad. For someone who avoided all such spoilers, this was an incredible moment! And to suddenly have control of Jack, years later, who can exact revenge. It's just great. Not to mention a fantastic use of a splash title at the end of everything.

Heavy Rain

I really enjoyed Heavy Rain's story. Again, avoiding spoilers made the big twist get to me with the best impact. It was one of these games with so many branching paths but because of how my particular game ended, I felt no compulsion to try to achieve a different one. In fact, I won't even spoil it here just in case you managed to go this far without it being spoiled for you yet!

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a beloved RPG classic that I played the heck out of. It's main ending, while cool, isn't necessarily exceptional, however the fact that the game has 12 OTHER endings is what is so cool. Starting a New Game+ offers you a teleport to the final boss of the game right at the beginning, and allows you to defeat him at any point in the game's main story. Beating the end boss at different points nets you the different endings. Such as...

Beating the game without resurrecting Crono, the main character! Or right at the beginning, when you only have two party members! Or the ending where the royal family are all turned into Frog-People! Or the other where everyone on the planet evolved from dinosaur-like Reptile-People! Or how about when Crono takes Magus' place as an evil overlord? The craziness is too awesome and makes the game that much more fun!


Riven is the sequel to the original Myst adventure game. I was a big Myst fan back when it first came out (like many people were) and was really looking forward to the sequel when I heard about it. Playing through Riven was a big eye-opener for me when it comes to telling a story through an environment. I cite it as one of my main inspirations for wanting to be in the video game industry, and I found it's many, varied endings to be very satisfying. The methods the game uses to not just show you things but to actually teach you something, like the alien symbols for numbers and colors, are very dynamic and helps invest yourself in the world.

The variations in the ending are all very cool to see play out ranging from the player becoming permanently trapped in a prison Age, being killed by Ghen, or even doing everything right except... oops, forgot to let Atrus' wife out of her cage so she's trapped on Riven while it's being torn apart around you. Then of course the "good" ending where you save the girl, reunite her with her husband, trap Ghen, and save the people of Riven.

I'll add more later as I think of them. :) Any suggestions for good endings in games you've played?

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Hi, Spectrea,

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog.

The original link that inspired me to begin with is here:

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I think it was obvious that most people knew it was bad. There were a few people, mostly the higher ups, who thought it was much better then it really was.

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haha, maybe I should edit my original post. :) I've got a few blog posts you can see in my profile talking about my game development career, including Blackwater

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Yeah, I saw the bad reviews and avoided that one.

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As with my previous list of my Best games of 2011, these were games I played in 2011, not necessarily games that came out in 2011.

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@HaltIamReptar said:

Tell me more.

Check out some of my earlier blog entries for more details. I was an artist on the team that made Blackwater, making guns and vehicles and stuff.