Super Awesome Fast Trials Video Thread!

Please post any awesomely fast times (or high scores in regards to the skill games) that you have either seen or done in Trials Evolution here, whether they be single player or online tracks.

However, I want this to be a thread for discussing how people have gotten such insane times on certain tracks not just a video thread, so to avoid youtube spammage you must post a few sentences with any video providing context for it or make a point that will incite discussion.

To get things started here is a video of all the #1 XBL times for beginner, easy and medium tracks.

Links to each track are in the video description :)

Even though these tracks are quite easy to complete (I found them easy and I haven't played a trials game before) to be really fast you have to do some crazy stuff. My favourites from the above video are:

Elevation - he gets off the elevator A LOT earlier then I ever would have ever considered possible,

Sewage Plant - for looking like he's messed up but really it was all part of the plan,

Gigatrack - because he makes it look so easy :(


#1 times for the hard and extreme single player tracks:

All of these are pretty awesome but I guess my favourites are the last 3 extreme tracks (if favourite is the right word....) because they are sooooo difficult. I managed to complete Way of the ninja (I think I got lucky tbh) but the other two are really hard. The Wreck has a couple of ridiculously hard spots in it and Inferno 3 is just stupid, I mean it took me a whole 2 or 300 tries (whatever the limit is) to figure out how to get over the first obstacle!

They are still fun in a masochistic way though, which is obviously the point of the game :)

#1 times for the skill game circus tracks:

I think the S.P.H.E.R.E one is my favourite of these just because of the sheer conecntration it must've taken, but Gas Problem is good too; the way he basically hops around to avoid using fuel is great.

Update 2:

# 1 Times for hard and extreme trials as of 29/9/12, some of my picks for best improvements are:

  • Around the Ranch - he manages to shave almost 3 and a half seconds off and makes it look ridiculously easy!
  • RedLynx Moto-Jam & Warehouse 28 - taking over 5 seconds off the time!
  • Bridge of Trials - 7 seconds!! WTF I never would have thought of trying some of the things he did to get over
    certain obstacles, and even after seeing it I'm not sure I do!
  • Dark City Run - only 3 seconds but I hate that track and he makes it look so easy!
  • Way of the Ninja - 14 seconds! and I still haven't got down to single figures let alone platinum!
  • Last but not least Inferno 3, only 2 seconds but like Way of the Ninja I haven't got to single figures on that yet so 33 seconds is just stupid.

# 1 Times for Origin of Pain tracks, some of my favourites are:

Flow Like Water - I'm still not completely comfortable with the bmx yet, but this guy is.

Toy Box - I never would have thought of 'riding' on the ball at the start!

Magic Marker - Haven't completed this yet and it's made to look annoyingly easy.

Uphill Struggle - One of the 2 new skill games and although it's made to look pretty simple, it really, really isn't.


Rufus can do combos too!

Rufus' best combos are also quite simple but he does have some flashy if highly impracticle ones. I made a video which includes some of my favourites :)       


YouTube Channels worth a look

If you guys are anything like me then you watch a hell of a lot more SF than you play. Here's some that are worth a look:

Youtube Channel
FinestFightersDutch and other European SF players
TheKhalida1Top players from PSN
Ov3rheadGregJapanese tournaments, live stream recordings and XBL matches
GAMEachoJapanese arcade matches
GamingSlugsUS and Japanese XBL replays
YogaFlame24Top player compilations as well as lots of XBL replays with playlists dedicated to top players
PIKACHUAKUMAThe raging demon specialist JR RODRIGUEZ! Uploads his own matches as well as footage from tournaments
HakfArchives of WSO SF tournaments in London as well as other european tournaments
0shinAkuma0Massive amount of top Japanese matches all organized into playlists
LORDH1TM4NTVTop players versus other top players
mubressMy channel where I upload XBL replays as well as my own matches and other stuff
WMFightclubGiantBomb's community channel featuring MvC3, MK9, Blazblue, SFIII: 3rd Strike and SSFIV:AE replays, combo videos and tutorials
BehrudyFighting game playthroughs and matches with commentary
Combo and glitch exploit videos, tutorials and more
Cross Counter
Fighting game news, gameplay videos and tutorials all hosted by Gootecks and Mike "The Boss" Ross
 zero3japanJapanese tournaments for SSFIV:AE and lots of other fighting games
Some of these are more well known than others but hopefully there are some in there that people don't know about. I'm always looking for good SF channels so if anyone knows of any (I'm sure there are lots I don't know about) then post a link here and I'll add it.

GiantBomb Community Video Collaboration

Thought I would gauge the interest for a SSFIV GiantBomb community video type dealy.
I'm thinking along the lines of the cool/dumb moments ones ( like this) that seem fairly prevalent around the interwebs right now, except instead of glitches and stuff just good or bad moments i.e. combos, footsies or just general play (good or bad). Also any clips from matches people have against good players are welcomed.
Anyway you get the idea. This all depends on people being interested in doing this though, and more importantly having any interesting videos saved. So, if you have some matches that you've already uploaded then just post a link. If not then either record it yourself (cameras fine, I'm not that fussed about quality so long as it's watchable) or if you can't record then just let me know and we'll try and sort out a time when I can record it from your replay channel. As of this moment I only have the PS3 version but hope to have my RROD Xbox back from Microsoft any day now (yn). 
So, to conclude; if you have any interest in seeing a GB SSFIV COMBO COLLAB VID! then please reply to this post. Even if you don't have a video your response will at least give me hope that people would like to see it.
Thanks for reading and GLHB!

EDIT: Just to clarify things a bit, all I want are some clips of people from the GB forums playing well and possibly doing something stupid as well. I won't include anything that makes someone look bad unless there is also a clip of them doing something good. Any crazy/ridiculous or glitchy moments are welcomed but not necessary, all I want to do is represent the people who play SF on the GB forums. Thanks :)


Rufus combos

Made a little combo video for Rufus. Some are good for practical use in matches whilst others are just for show. 

The first combo in the video - j.HP, st.MP st.MP xx EX GT is a good punish for someone if they are stunned. It does more damage than just your basic j.HP, st.HP xx HP GT so if you have the meter then using that is a good idea. 
The most damaging combo in there is the j.HK (hits twice), EX Snake Strike into ultra. Back in Vanilla it almost straight up killed Seth doing 700 ish damage but with the (slight) nerfing to the EX SS in Super it does a little less. The ultra 2 combo I use only works if you hit them once with his j.HK. 
Rufus doesn't have many different combo options as his only FADC puts the opponent in the air, so I used some less known links like st.MP > st.LP and cr.MP > cr.LK to change things up a bit. Enjoy :)

Why Street Fighter X Tekken could be great

I really like both the Street Fighter and Tekken series of games. I've played all of the Tekken games and always really enjoyed the characters and style to the game. Street Fighter was something I played a little bit when I was younger but I had more interest in Mortal Kombat and other stuff for whatever reason. Since the release of SFIV though that has been all I've played and Tekken has sort of fallen off my radar.

With the announcement of SF X Tekken at Comic Con on Saturday my interest has been piqued though. You see the thing I never really liked about Tekken was the fighting system. Too much emphasis on long combo strings damaged what could have been a really great series of games. So, with the introduction of Tekken characters into the SF universe I am once again HYPED about Tekken.

We don't really know anything about the games yet and although I am more excited about the capcom version the idea of Street Fighter characters playing within the Tekken fighting system does have some interesting aspects to it. How the characters art changes to fit the Tekken universe, movement and combos they can perform and seeing the SF characters fight in a 3D world. Also Zangief vs Kuma but I guess that can happen in both versions.
So if you have any interesting thoughts or ideas concerning either version of the game, then please post them as I would love to hear them :)


PS3 is dead. Long live the Xbox.

My PS3 just died. YLOD. Shit.
Super SFIV is on the immediate horizon and I'm completely fucked. Obviously I'm out of warranty and even if I decide to send it to Sony it will take an age to get it back via that route.
Other options are to either take it to a local repair shop or attempt to fix it myself. I'm pretty good with this sort of thing but as I don't have the tools necessary to repair it on hand, it would probably end up costing me just as much as taking it to get repaired.
But wait, what's that you say? My blog title says "PS3 is dead. Long live the Xbox." Oh yes, I knew I'd forgotten something!! A friend of mine has both a PS3 and 360 and has kindly agreed to lend me his 360 (He wouldn't let me have his PS3, I mean how selfish can you get)
So once I've collected it I will be playing on my (his) 360. Username will be mubress of course. I won't have time to get it until the weekend but come Saturday I will be ONLINE.
My only problem now is that I'll have to get SFIV for 360 ( I can't spend a whole week without SF!!) and then Super as well straight after. Fortunately SFIV is cheap now and Super is pretty cheap too so it's all good!
Crisis averted. Returning to Defcon 5.


Balrog Fireball Matchup #1: RYU

The video below is a first to 5 set match between me as Balrog and a Ryu player over PSN.

So I'm looking for some analysis on how to improve basically. Here's what I have so far:
  • Level 1 Focus Attack which doesn't crumple, dash cancel into a grab. Got caught by that a bunch in the above match.
  • Teching Throws is something I don't normally have a problem with but proved to be a bit of an issue in all of the sets. I usually stand up if I think someone may try a grab because you have longer to react, but I had trouble reading this guy.
  • Turnaround Punch can't be punished unless they read it and attack before it hits. Think I need to use this more.
  • Fireball Zoning led to me getting annoyed and trying stupid things to get in. Need to stay patient.
  • Whiffing combos which I normally have no problem performing. The connection was great as well so I can't blame that unfortunately.
I'll be posting other videos against Ken, Akuma and Gouken players sometime soon. 
I don't have anyone on my friends list who really knows what they are doing with Guile, Chun Li or perhaps more surprisingly Sagat, so if anyone out there plays as one of those characters and is on PSN then let me know. My PSN is mubress2. 

Abel Player Matches 1

  Three player matches over PSN between myself as Abel and various opponents (Guile, Rufus and Dan).


Disclaimer: This post is by no means in response to the video in a previous blog, featuring this user getting pummelled by Cammy.