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That's the one, don't know how they're getting it to Korea.

I saw Dieminion and Ricky Ortiz saying that Daigo might've won if he had played a top tier character, though I've seen him try that before with Yun and it didn't win him EVO 2011.

Thanks, it looks pretty cool I guess. I assume they will get rid of all the capcom branding, if not that'd be....... funny. Good point about moving it, I'm sure they were hoping someone closer to home would win it ;)

I actually thought Daigo might switch to Yun, especially after the bracket was reset. Obviously he'd backed himself fully with Ryu.

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Finished watching the archive, excellent event. Infiltration takes $25,000 for 1st in SSFIV:AE and another $25,000 and a car for 1st in SFxT.

The consensus I'm seeing from the USA players on Twitter is that they're in agreement that they won't be able to win these big tournaments if they stick with the characters they're playing. Being a character specialist with good reads isn't good enough apparently. Tier-whoring is the only option.

While the prospect of tournament top 10s being decided between the same 5 characters doesn't sound too fun to watch, if it puts the USA players on the same level as Infiltration and the Japanese players then you can't really blame them.

That's certainly a good days work! They kept talking about the car but I never saw it, what was it?

As for top tier being the only option I can only comment on SF4 as I don't know the best characters in SFxT, but Ryu isn't top tier so how did Daigo make the Final? People will always say this kind of stuff after a top tier character wins, it's just the way it is.

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@mubress: You know its nothing compared to seeing it live. Time for coffee!

True but I ask myself what is more important to me: Street Fighter or Sleep? I'm afraid sleep wins, especially when I can watch it some other time ;)

I just got done watching the SF4 archive, Daigo beasting and then getting beasted on. I was rooting for Daigo (the underdog!) but they were some great matches anyway.

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An EVO champions top 3. This is just too perfect. I honestly feel spoiled.

Yup, couldn't have worked out much better (maybe snake eyez instead of fuudo, he played great), it's just a shame the finals are all on later for EU people. I'm more than happy to watch them on youtube though.

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I haven't watched any ST in ages, I think it's my second favourite to watch behind sf4 (just because I play it I guess). As soon as I hear Ryu say HADOUKEN! I get hype.

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@mubress: Yea, it was the shortest by far but no use dragging out an ending with crappy puzzles that pretty much got scrapped after episode 1 anyway.

Yep agreed, although I still died a couple of times trying to fight through the zombie hoard, which was just as annoying as all the other set pieces of that type.

This episode was certainly the most story focused of them all though (as you'd expect I guess) and was much better for it.

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I'm kinda surprised at the amount of people who opted to amputate Lee's arm. I didn't even have to give it much thought, it seemed like a really dumb idea. Also this episode was the shortest so far right? Pretty sure it was about 1 and a half hours for me, and I don't rush I always check every drawer etc. Btw I'm not complaining just sayin'.


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# 1 Times for Origin of Pain tracks, some of my favourites are:

Flow Like Water - I'm still not completely comfortable with the bmx yet, but this guy is.

Toy Box - I never would have thought of 'riding' on the ball at the start!

Magic Marker - Haven't completed this yet and it's made to look annoyingly easy.

Uphill Struggle - One of the 2 new skill games and although it's made to look pretty simple, it really, really isn't.

Links to each track are in the video description :)

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@thegoldencat7: I just finished watching the Grand Finals archive; Rufus vs Zangief should be really lame but it was one of the hypest matches I've seen in a while, soooo much tension!

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2. Pibo47

3. US, Lubbock Texas

4. Yes