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@AndrewB said:

Lee is going to die and you'll finish the game as Clementine.

You heard it here first!

Yes that's right, you have to use Clementine's new found pistol abilities to shoot Lee and save him from being eaten by zombies.

Gun smoke, rain drops mixed with tears, fade to black and credits.

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I have to agree and I think it's a real shame because the gameplay is harming a potentially great episodic game. I love the way they handle everything in regards to the story but the puzzles just involve you going to every room or area and clicking on everything. To make things worse Lee normally moves really slowly and sometimes the camera is pretty bad, then if you miss something you have to go back and check everywhere again.

It's simply a bad combination of boring and frustrating, if they could improve on that just a little bit it would be one of my favourite gaming experiences for quite some time.

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@jonnyboy said:

I've been playing CS Source since '07 so decided to buy the 360 version just to see what that was like, it's got it's issues but it's not bad.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty positive that the issues are no longer present on the 360. I remember an annoying lag problem during the first day, but later that night it seemed to go away. I've been playing it since and I haven't lagged even once. Just throwing it out there in case people think it still has serious issues.

Yep same for me, no problems with lag at all.

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@Binman88 said:

So consider a situation where you have the advantage of surprise over an opponent. You put two medium-short range shotgun blasts into their backs, they don't die, they spin around and hop to the side, crouch and shoot you in the head while you frantically shoot the air around them.

That sums up quite a few of my encounters when sneaking up behind someone (and it is really infuriating don't get me wrong) but tbh I just get annoyed at myself rather than the game. It may not be realistic for someone to take 4 rounds to the body and still be alive, but the reason it's like that is to stop people doing the old 'spray and pray' and instead encouraging you to go for headshots.

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Table Updated.

I know a lot of people are sceptical about CS on consoles, so for anyone who isn't sure whether they'll enjoy playing on a console (and more importantly on a pad) I can tell you that as someone who played 1.6 and source and was convinced that playing without a mouse & keyboard would severely reduce my enjoyment of the game, I can tell you that having played for a few days and gotten used to the controls (I played COD4 on console but haven't played an FPS with a pad for a few years) it feels just like the Counter Strike I used to love :)

If anyone else agrees then please post as I think there are still a lot of people unsure about playing CS on consoles who can't/don't want to play on PC but still want to play this game.

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Table Updated!

Btw, is anyone else using the 'static' crosshair because for some reason it reverts back to dynamic everytime I stop playing. All my other preferences stay saved so I'm not sure what the problem is :(

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Updated the table.

@DarkFury said:

Is it me, or is Vinny on the main menu?

Haha nice! I'd say he doesn't look as badass as Vinny though ;)

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Updated the table.

@clush said:

I keep wondering what makes threads like these official :)

I almost called it the unofficial official thread, would you have preferred that? ;)

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Thought I'd see what kind of interest this game's going to get on 360, for myself I could play it on PC but tbh I've always wanted to play CS on a console. I know that a big part of the game is the precision aim that a mouse and keyboard provide but it's also the style of gameplay that sets it apart.

So, if you want to find someone to play with then just post here and (hopefully) someone will respond ;)

I'll also make a table to help keep track of people so if you want your information to be included then please post these 4 things:

  1. Giantbomb Name
  2. Gamertag
  3. Location
  4. Headset Status
Giantbomb NameGamertagLocationHeadset?
Castermhief117athadam iiUSYes
MahonaySG MahonayUSYes
TheSoldier89The Soldier89USYes
Twiggy199Twiggy McTwigUKYes
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@Scooper said:

Dhalsim is one of the hardest characters to play well in my opinion. To sim properly you've really got to know the ins and outs of all his moves, otherwise you'll just get rushed and die very quickly.

Guile's good for a starter. You'll learn quickly and be forced to improve your defense which is probably the most important thing in the game.

Yeah Sim is all about zoning so while you might learn quickly there's also a good chance you'll get rocked and just end up getting frustrated.

For Guile another big plus (as far as improving your overall game is concerned) is that he's a charge character so mashing out uppercuts is not an option. It might help you win against lower ability players but it's a tough habit to shake.

My personal suggestion is Fei Long; he is a well balanced character, has good pokes, easy combos (compared to other characters) and does good damage :)