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I’ve enjoyed this series since the first game, and though I’ve not played one in many years I think I’d definitely check out a new one if it was ever made.  

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You probably already know this by now but when you join the Ouka and don't attack their leader Joji (the Ouka job broker) will offer you jobs. He can be found in one of the guard towers outside the building where you first meet the Ouka leader.

If your looking for more help in this game you should checkout GameFAQs. They have stronger and more supportive comunities for games like Way of the Samurai.
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I've thoroughly enjoyed the time spent playing this game through multiple times. I was a fan of the first one years back and, as mentioned above, it has kept some of those better elements. This game has tons of replay value and since you can find deals online for it lower than fifty dollars it's worth a buy to me.

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" @Muffin_Hunter:  one of my favorite bits.  Used to sing these songs all day the next day. "

There are a lot of good ones. 
Some of my favorite lyrics from those bits can be found here>

Oh, our economy has slowed down to a stop
But there’s an easy way to put our country back on top
The solution, my dear neighbour
Is just bring back child labor
And work those little bastards ’til they drop 
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Conan also plays a better straight man.

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 gotta go with Conan
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" Yeah it's a excellent game and if enough people buy this we may, hopefully, get some more great games by Rocksteady. "

I don't think you need to worry about that. This game looks to be doing quite well commercially. I'd say Rocksteady has a deal for a sequel in the bag at this point.
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I'm definitely looking forward to this. I loved the style and the game play in the first one, even if it was a bit clunky. Though I fear it will get steam rolled with poor reviews when it's released.

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" @Muffin_Hunter said:

"   @ TheMustache you can't post jokes now in the off topic forum. "

Well, jokes are supposed to be, there is nothing really to discuss here, you posted a youtube video..are we supposed to go "ah ha ha that was so funny"? "
Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean others don't. I'm not looking for a deep discussion regarding the video. It's one of many old 80's ninja movies that were popular during that time, which people could comment on if they wanted. 
Believe it or not, you DON'T have to leave a comment in a thread if you don't care about it.
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 ask a ninja lol 
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  @ TheMustache you can't post jokes now in the off topic forum.