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#1 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@demonknightinuyasha: Oooh very nice! I did wonder how Morpheus was imprisoned in the first place and this is gonna shed some light. But I'm surprised it's apparently gonna be released digitally only, or did I read that wrong?
@medacris: I saw the Heavy figure. It looks amazing. Good luck on getting one.
@hush404: Gwendolyn is my fav too! I LOVE the colours so much ahhhh ~
#2 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@demonknightinuyasha: My local Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore that doesn't only sell Japanese books of course) has 2 models of Sandman - a 1/6 figure and a bust. I want them so bad. And what do you mean Sandman is coming back?! What? How? As in, a new series or a reboot?
#3 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@demonknightinuyasha: Zomg DC Direct Death statue, as in, Death from Sandman? You, sir, are amazing!
I've always wanted a figure of either Sandman or Death but they're always so goddamn expensive.
@Ryuku_Ryosake: Yeh it's the fastest in the galaxy.
#4 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -

You had a demo previously didn't you? Is it the same as the "educational version" from your website?
In any case, all the best! I'll definitely check out your Kickstarter page when you guys get it up, along with the new demo.

#5 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@Cathryn: From what I've played of P3, Sanada Akihiko has a pretty cool personality and would definitely be a nice figure on your desk.
Do you actually listen to Vocaloid music, or just like the aesthetics of the Luka figures?
@TruthTellah: Figures depicting certain cultures are pretty interesting really. Wonder what those writings mean though.
#6 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@StarvingGamer: What are those first few figurines of? And the last one... is creepy... What is she supposed to be? A dancer/entertainer? She looks like she has a drum on her person, or it's just her costume messing with my eyes.
#7 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@GunnyHath: Heh yeh I know about your collectibles from those. Hm would you actually buy a figurine yourself?
@GunstarRed: Natsuki from Mai Hime! *thumbs up*
@mscupcakes: Oh Alduin does count. A figure is a figure. He looks pretty BA too.
@Fat_Magnum: Lol, I still would love to try painting those miniatures if I can. Only problem is time, and when I do have them, I'd be too lazy to go out and buy them.
@kumquat: Your Batman figures are awesome. He's not my favourite DC character, but I have to admit that most of the models they have out look absolutely amazing.
@guiseppe: I'm actually really glad to see that collectibles from CE games to be of really high-quality. Very nice set you have there.
@Erzs: Your collection sounds pretty awesome. You have to show a pic one day. I've never bought a figure from an actual comic store before because most of them are action figures. Or I just never explore enough.
@crusader8463: That sounds like an amazing idea. It'll definitely look cool. I'm amazed you have the space to display all those, if you're still considering completing all the characters.
#8 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@kyokushin_nanaya: I want to steal all of your models from BRS. And Dizzy. D:
And you have the ones I pre-ordered as well!
Awesome collection. I wonder how long it takes and how often you dust the figures.
#9 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@WinterSnowblind: They DO look well-articulated! But the joints... ugh...
#10 Posted by mufujifi (49 posts) -
@Laksa: Oh wow, Wonder Festival. I have to watch through that when I have a free hour, and not just jump around parts of the video.
Heh not too keen on cosplayers but I'm sure they were greatly appreciated. Thanks for the video.
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