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So I was dating this girl for about 4 months now. Things were going great between us and then it all fell apart when I found out that she was an illegal immigrant. She was a Mexican girl, apparently she left her country because things were getting too dangerous. I can respect her reasons for leaving but I simply cannot tolerate the way she did it. If she can't get here legally then she doesn't deserve to be here. I was outraged when I found out the truth, especially since she already knew that I despised illegal immigrants. I had a huge argument with her, I yelled at her and called her an idiot. She even started crying at one point. I broke up with her and told her that I would be alerting the authorities. She became really devastated at this point, she even got on her knees and begged me not to call the police. She even tried to bribe me but I refused her request and walked away. I called the authorities and they arrested her just a couple of hours ago. It looks like she will be deported soon.

As I said, I despise illegal immigrants and so does the rest of my family (especially my dad). I hate that they think that they can just sneak into our country and turn it into an overcrowded mess. They come here, steal our jobs, lower our wages, stress our hospitals, avoid paying taxes and turn us into a third world country. They are nothing but a burden and I feel disgusted that I was dating one of these people for over a year.

Some of my friend don't agree with me though, they think I acted way too harshly. Was I really being a jerk in this situation or do you agree with me in that my actions were justified?

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Today was my 18th birthday and it was also the day I moved out and decided to cut all contact from my ultra-conservative muslim family. My parents made me pray 5 times a day, they made me read the quran every single day. They were always rude to my non-muslim friends and they believed that homosexuals should be put to death. They were sympathetic towards the taliban and hated western culture (despite living in Canada). Overall, they were the most disgusting and horrible people. I hate them to the point where if they died, I wouldn't even care.

I have been working and saving money since I was 13 just so I could have enough money to move out. I made $43,000, which should be enough to put me through university. I left today and I am currently staying at a friend's house until I find my own place. I went up to my parents today and told them that I stopped believing in their stupid religion a long time ago and that I was an atheist now. I told them that I always hated them and wanted them out of my life. My parents were shocked upon hearing this. My mom actually started crying instantly. My siblings were too scared to say anything.

As I tried to leave the house, my dad tried to stop me. He grabbed me and I instantly punched him. He fell on the ground with a bloody face and I told him to go die in a fire. My mom then tried to stop and I pushed her away. My little sister was crying as well. I bolted out of the house and didn't even look back. My cousin (who is an atheist in secret) called me and said I was being an unbelievable jerk.

Am I really being a jerk here? My parents have always made my life a living hell. I've had to pretend to be a muslim since I was a kid. I finally feel free now. Am I still a jerk for doing this?

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So the new semester just started and everyone is rushing to get their textbooks. In my Organic Chem class, the textbook that we require costs $150 at the bookstore and there are no used versions available. I, on the other hand got lucky and managed to find someone who was selling used copies of the book for $40 each. Apparently, they had alot of copies and no one else from my class knew about it.

I saw an opportunity to make some major cash here since there are hundreds of students taking organic chemistry. So I purchased ten copies of the book at first and sent an email to everyone in my class, telling them that I am selling used copies of the book for $120. I had a bunch of buyers, all of the books that I had sold right away and I made $1200 with an $800 profit. I still had a bunch of people saying they wanted a copy of the book. I went back to the people who were selling the used books and bought everything they had ( they had 37 copies left) and sold them all to the people in my class.

In the end, I spent around $1900 buying all the books and made $5640 selling them all. So I basically made around $3700 of profit. I told one of my friends about this and she said I was a huge jerk for doing what I did. She thinks I should've just told everyone that someone was selling the book for $40 instead of exploiting the situation for my own personal gains. She also said that I could get in big trouble if the university ever found out about this.

So, really I have two questions:

1) Am I really a jerk for doing this?

2) Did I actually do anything illegal here? Can I actually get into trouble for this?