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@WarlordPayne: Every game this generation has a good standing on metacritic and Brad and Vinny tend to like many games even with their flaws

If you ask people who play the game that dont review it for a living have no standard or expectations from Crysis

maybe if I said Crysis is arguably a bad series itll be more comforting

"Every game this generation"....BAHAHAHAH! Are you even thinking about what you are writing?

You know, I would much rather listen to Brad and Vinny's opinions on things like this. You know why they like many games despite their "flaws"? It is because they love video games, and can still find the fun in most of them. Maybe you should try the same, instead of taking this smug, dismissive stance like you are some sort of smarter person for being so cynical about every game.

And, honestly, I bought Crysis over five years ago when it first came out, and to this day I still fire it up and play through it. Where are these super negative opinions about the game coming from anyway? I've heard Jeff's opinion, and he's not saying the game is bad by any means. He's saying that he doesn't like the sandbox-style level design, which is a perfectly valid opinion to have.

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Yeah, seriously, keep the game. Been hearing a lot of positive buzz about the multiplayer, and if the previous three games are any indication, the singleplayer mode will be a lot of fun as well.

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I haven't used Origin since Mass Effect 3 was released, and I remember my experience not being great, but it wasn't terrible either. Since SimCity is only on Origin, I was weighing my distrust of Origin with my want to play SimCity.

Is Origin a sketchy place, or is my mistrust misplaced?

It's totally fine. From my experience, the downloads are fast, the overlay works fine, and it's stable. All the Origin hate just stems from the "EA IS LITERALLY HITLER" circlejerk, so I would recommend ignoring that nonsense, and pick up Sim City without worrying about Origin.

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One of the biggest, most rewarding boss defeats I can think of from the past few years was when my old guild in World of Warcraft took down Illidan for the first time. Man, talk about a celebration. If there's one thing I miss from that game, it would be the feeling of taking down a hard boss after weeks or even months of struggling and learning.

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That would be awesome if they get the Darksiders IP back as well. Regardless, though, i'm glad to see they still have jobs! Grats, Vigil peeps!

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Wow, that city space is really really small.

That was my immediate reaction as well. To those who have actually played the game, does it seem like it'll be an issue? Are there ways to get more land?

I tend to build slowly when I play Sim City games, so I wasn't ever able to fill the map up in the 1hr allotted time, but that's just me. According to the devs, the map size is about the same size as the medium maps from SimCity 4.

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I find that I'm disliking the game for pretty much the exact reasons I thought I'd dislike it for. At this point it's pretty much a SimRuraltown.

Some elements are pretty neat, though. I'm liking some of the new data maps, though I wish they had graphs for things like SC4 did (Maybe I missed them? I got my invite late at night and just had to try it out). What I don't like is how they've implemented the access to the maps in the interface. Just put that list of all maps on screen at all times, don't stick it in the corner like it's unimportant, dammit! I also think the "upgradeability" of the ploppables is a really neat idea, especially for the schools (school bus stops is pretty swell, and rather realistic too).

I have some gripes with the road mechanics and zoning, though. I find that the road picker (straight, curved, etc) is a bit unimaginative. Do we really live in an era where we don't have modifier keys? Is it so hard to figure out how I want my road to curve based on how I draw the mouse? I was struggling with the curved road with quite some time because it wasn't curving the way I wanted it to. I can't remember how exactly Cities XL did this since I didn't play it for long (it's not that good), but I think I do recall it did it better than this. One major issue I noticed was that it's not possible to replace a 1-"tile" street with a 2-"tile" street, which I thought was very restrictive. I have to demolish the street and all the zones around it to replace it? Not good at all.

The zoning is a bit meh. I guess it makes sense to only be able to zone near streets, but what happens to the space in the middle that isn't used? Do the buildings creep in toward the center? Maybe I just didn't get that far in the allotted hour.

Also, where are the different zoning densities? You're not letting me decide where the various building sizes go? Why not? Too much thinking for your average video game player? Gotcha.

All in all, I probably won't be getting this. Cities in Motion 2 seems promising, even though it's not really a city sim, and I guess there's always Cities XL for whoever actually thinks that's a good game. And there's always Sim City 4.

I disagree that the road drawing tool is "unimaginative". There are key modifiers as well for drawing the roads; holding the shift key will lock it into 45 degree or 90 degree angles, or keep roads completely straight, depending on what tool you have selected. Why do they all have to be bound to keys, anyway? The tools are still there, you just click them instead of holding down one of several modifiers.

I also disagree that the zoning densities streamlining is somehow "dumbed down" to paraphrase your tone. If anything, it's streamlined. The game now automatically adjusts the zoning depending on wealth, roads, public services, proximity to other types of zones, etc. So, if you build your city in a way that doesn't allow for bigger buldings, they won't expand. The player choice is still there, it's just presented differently.

Also, the way the buildings are placed into the zones, while I feel should be drawn on screen in a more defined manner, also makes sense once you get used to it. It's not better or worse, it's just different. You'll get a feel for it once you play it enough, and space out the roads accordingly as is.

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It's fantastic. It runs smooth, looks great, and has incredible music. The UI is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the previous Sim City games, especially in terms of giving you the information you need to improve your city. The building options, whole totally different, actually end up working a lot better once you get a hang of how it all works. I especially like the modular city services buildings (police, fire, education, etc.) Instead of spamming schools and what-not all over the place to cover it, you can just build a single one near the center of town, and expand the services with modular add-ons as necessary. Schools are great, because you can extend the coverage by simply placing bus stops around town.

Overall, i'm blown away, and can't wait for the full version.

Since you havent' see some complex cities or whatever yet, check this out.

that guys city is amazing and i love the little progression run down, seems like a lot of charm in the game.

"Charming" doesn't even begin to describe how awesome this game looks and feels. Here's a couple pics I took of a city I built last night. I just love how, when you zoom in all the way, the buildings, road, trees, and everything else look like miniatures, like it's part of a train set, or those scale-model city layouts people make.

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The always-on DRM is making me seriously dislike the game already, which sucks because I loved SimCity 4, and a lot of what they are attempting to do with this game sounds great but I just cannot get behind that form of DRM.

Well, have you played the game, and has the "DRM" directly affected your enjoyment of it?

I would argue that it's not actually DRM, because it's not put in place solely to restrict access to the game. Sim City is built around online, multiplayer client-server architectures, which is completely different from, say, CD keys, or Ubisoft's Solidshield Tages SAS software which is a completely arbitrary restriction designed solely to attempt to enforce copy protection.

I agree that there should be an offline-only single player mode, but I think it's disingenuous to call Sim City's online architecture "DRM".