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@MURDERSMASH: Again, confirmation bias.

It takes one small statue for people to start shouting about how all women are oppressed, but you dismiss multiple cases of discrimination against men as "grasping for straws". That's a textbook definition of confirmation bias.

Like I said before, those examples of discrimination are the exception, and while they should not be ignored, they also should not be treated as some sort of example endemic to problems men face. They don't point to a long-standing, institutionalized form of discrimination like the statue does. So, what leebmx is saying isn't confirmation bias, because he/she isn't grasping for straws in an attempt to prove something that just isn't a problem in the same way.

Those examples provided were most certainly shitty people being shitty, and no one is trying to say otherwise.

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It's fantastic. It runs smooth, looks great, and has incredible music. The UI is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the previous Sim City games, especially in terms of giving you the information you need to improve your city. The building options, whole totally different, actually end up working a lot better once you get a hang of how it all works. I especially like the modular city services buildings (police, fire, education, etc.) Instead of spamming schools and what-not all over the place to cover it, you can just build a single one near the center of town, and expand the services with modular add-ons as necessary. Schools are great, because you can extend the coverage by simply placing bus stops around town.

Overall, i'm blown away, and can't wait for the full version.

Since you havent' see some complex cities or whatever yet, check this out.

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@leebmx: Confirmation bias

Mind explaining why you feel what leebmx is saying is confirmation bias? You'd make your point far stronger if you provided context for your claims of fallacious logic.

I didn't get it either.

If anything, the claims of that post detailing discrimination against men are based on confirmation bias. To me, it looks like the people wielding that are simply grasping for straws, pointing and yelling "See? SEE?! MEN'S RIGHTS!", ignoring the fact that those examples are, by far, the exception. That's not to say that they should be ignored (no one should be discriminated against, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), but to claim that this is concrete evidence that men have become the oppressed group or whatever is just silly and paranoid. (holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

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It sounds like you didn't know where to go, or what to look for. Do you know some of the basic mechanics? Like, building multiple rooms of a certain size with furnishings and light will cause NPC's to move in? Or that there's an enchanter hidden in the world somewhere that will put permanent enhancements on your weapons? Or that there's hidden underground houses with loot chests to look for? Yeah, i'd agree that if you were just running around on the surface stabbing at slimes for about 20 minutes it would get boring, but there's so much more to work towards in this game compared to Minecraft (besides building insane structures) that I think you just need to give it another shot.

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I feel the same way you do about THQ, Alex. I was rooting for them the whole time, which is something I never thought I would do for a big, faceless publisher.

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@alibson said:

@leebmx: Confirmation bias

Mind explaining why you feel what leebmx is saying is confirmation bias? You'd make your point far stronger if you provided context for your claims of fallacious logic.

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@Neon25: Just because bko did it, doesn't mean it's suddenly OK for you to do it as well. You speak of maturity, yet you defend your comments with "BUT HE DID IT FIRST, MOMMY!".

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As gamers, we should be offended that this type of marketing is what elements of the industry think we respond to.

As men, we should be offended that expectations of us are so low that we are supposed to be titillated by a fraction of a woman and the aftermath of violence.

As human beings, we should be having these conversations about what these labels and expectations and depictions are saying about our culture.

As privileged Westerners, we need to be sensitive that it's worse elsewhere, but also of the fact that our own mothers and sisters and girlfriends and daughters and wives are still being marginalized.

Conclusion: fuck you little pricks, seriously. Klepek reached out to informed industry professionals who you've infantilized and dismissed without addressing their arguments. Also go read some books about this shit and see how quickly your opinion changes.

We have a winner. Thank you.

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I really like these articles alot! , in my opinion the artcles such as 1reasonwhy and the dead island statue dont really fit with the core giantbomb audience , i know you feel strongly about these things patrick but in my opinion it just doesnt fit

No one cares. Start your own website if you want to be protected from stories that require a little maturity.

Stories from a man that is proud of the fact he smuggles beers into cinemas like an asshole and makes sure to mention it on every possible occasion.

Dat ad hominem.

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I wonder if it's because you have them on your SIM card, maybe? I'd imagine there isn't much space to store pics on there or whatever. Maybe move those contacts to your main storage? I just got an S3 for Christmas, but I haven't tried anything like that with my contacts, but that would be my best guess.