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Great article. Reading things like this is inspirational for me, when it comes to creative endeavors in video games. I've always wanted to make one in some form or fashion, and getting some insight into the creative process for games helps a ton.

As for Dust's was an amazing experience. I have no shame in admitting that I cried at the end. I've been playing games for almost 30 years now, and I've never played a game that did that to me, until this one. Someone in the comments suggested that Dust be released as a "Director's Cut" on other platforms with the missing bits added in, and I think that would be really, really cool if it's not too much to ask for such a thing. The world created around this game is incredibly compelling, and I find myself hungry for every little scrap of extra info I can find on it.

As for the whole "furry" thing, I appreciate you guys clearing that up once and for all. While I have no problem with the furry fandom (seriously, what's wrong with artwork and roleplaying surrounding anthro animal characters?), I found myself taking offense to those who were flippantly dismissing the game for being that, when it very clearly wasn't. Silly and immature of me to proceed to yell at those in the comments and forums, perhaps, but few things drive me to anger faster than false accusations like that.

At any rate, i'm pumped to see this "horror Super Metroid" game that was hinted at the end of the article!

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Murdersmash, metal ass name btw, I've come to notice something about the second type of fan you mentioned. I've spend a lot of time on the battle-net WoW forums, because I've been playing for 4 years, and I've realized that the most ARDENT AND ANGRY of fans, be it of DmC, WoW, Star Wars are also the heaviest users of that particular media. The same guy who can talk for an hour about why episodes 1,2 and 3 are worst thing to happen to cinema, the guy who will swear up and down he can design PvP in WoW better then the entirety of Blizzards staff, they are also the people who are most likely to consume that media, be it good or bad. Their threshold for -not- enjoying something is monolithic. To an extent I admire that level of passon, but it can get out of and and off the rails. When that passion leads to outright uncompromising anger, that is when the straw man arguments are born and conversations get harder.

Heh, thanks. Funny thing is, my name is an inside joke from my old WoW days. :P

It's funny how that works, isn't it? Those people who say "Well, i've played 300 hours of Diablo 3 so far, and I think this game is terrible." Uhh...why on EARTH did you play this game for 300 hours if you think it's terrible?! It defies logic. Are they just trolling? Are they attempting to call attention to little details by saying their 300 hours of logged time gives them a sharper perspective?

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A great topic to bring up. Fandom is a really tricky thing. I think there's two camps of fans. The first camp being what you imagine to be a typical fan: someone who likes something, follows it, praises it, etc. The second camp is something entirely different. It's "fandumb", or the "fanboi". They act like the hardest of hardcore, waxing nostalgic about how "x game from x time was the best", nitpick every little thing, and throw massive fits over every slight change. Want some examples? The DmC "controversy" is a great recent example. Diablo 3, via the wasteland of trolls that is the forums, is another. Sonic fans bemoaning how they changed his eyes to green is yet another.

You know what I think developers should do? Ignore these so-called "fans" and do what they, as professionals, feel is right. These "fans" have no idea what they want, because their arguments and beliefs are all clouded by nostalgia, echo chamber discussion threads, and a lack of perspective.


You know what more people should do? Approach a game on it's merits alone. Don't look at, say, the DmC reboot, and say "well if they wanted to change so much, why do they still have to call it Devil May Cry?". Why does the name even matter? It's just a damn label. I'm seeing the same shit with games like Dead Space 3. People bitching, moaning, and screaming about how they're "moving away from survival horror" or whatever. Same with the move from ME1 to ME2 in terms of it's gameplay styles. If the game is still a blast to play, does this really matter in the end? They're games. You know, for having fun. Don't let these strict genre definitions, or previous gameplay experiences color the next games so much.

I dunno, maybe that's partially why I seem to have a great time with a lot of the games that the hardcore fanbois hate so much.

*EDIT* Another good example: Fez. "OMG FEZ SUCKS BECAUSE PHIL FISH IS A DOUCHE". No, the game has nothing to do with Phil Fish's personality or impulsive comments. If anything, Fez is the opposite. According to the haters, Fish is an angry, pretentious prick, right? Fez, on the other hand, is a peaceful, beautiful game. I find that interesting for some reason.

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Drama May Cry

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Combat looks slick, but holy cow that Jack the Ripper zinger towards the end was beyond awful.

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Wow, I read like 20 comments on that, and couldn't take it anymore. So that's the glorious bastion of video game discussion, huh? More like a bunch of homophobes crying bitter tears into their neckbeards about people liking things they don't like.

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I haven't seen the comment section yet because I haven't sat down to read the review yet but I treat comment sections like entertainment and know that I'll never base my purchasing decisions off of comment sections to reviews. I still scratch my head as to why reviews need comment sections.

For the entertainment, of course!

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I think Giant Bomb is doing OK

Show me where Uncle Dante touched you.

He touched me right in my combat variety hole :(

if you read the whole thread everyone is telling him to stop being a whiny DMC fanboy

Yup, and many laughs were had at his rustled jimmies.

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