GOTY 2012

So, here it is, folks. In a year that many are saying was a "disappointment", some awesome games really did came out. That's my problem with such a statement: if you're only looking at the high-profile AAA game space, then yes, it probably was a disappointment. 2012, however, was yet another year of small groups and indie developers crafting some exceptional experiences. I missed out on a lot of them (Walking Dead, Journey, FTL, Retro City Rampage, etc.). However, looking at the games I did play, two of them stood miles above the rest. Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Fez left a powerful, resonant, lasting impression on me that has me thinking about them almost every day, even months later. Sure, I played almost 60 hours of Torchlight 2, obsessively researched and discussed the universe of Mass Effect 3, and had my expectations shattered by Binary Domain, but those games absolutely pale in comparison to Dust and Fez. Unique, beautiful, powerful, and imaginative in their own ways, they both inspired emotions in me that games seldom do. Fez, with it's peaceful and mysterious world, and Dust with it's incredible artwork, characters, and dark story. Regardless of all that though, here's my list of my ten favorite games of 2012!

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