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Aside from the novelty of playing physical games you own, a Raspberry Pi set up with something like RetroPie is such a distinctly better value proposition that I kind of have no idea why the Retron even exists. It's a similar experience for something like 20% of the price and some setup time.

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Looking for more stuff to pick up for my Wii U and this is pretty cheap on Wii U. I had a quick go on my friends 360 version when it launched and I played the first one to completion on PC so am thinking about picking it up.

Mostly concerned with frame rate and controls. Not too fussed about visual fidelity unless it's substantially worse than the 360 version.


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Did anybody buy this on Steam? I've got it, and it's tons of fun. Just looking for more people to play it with really.

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@betadave1877: Two handed sword is slightly OP, but fuck me the Trident is absurd. Can't do anything about it.

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The multiplayer is just unplayable where I am. Completely laggy. I got into my first game and a guy was repeatedly grabbing me and chest stabbing me despite me not blocking at all. Second match and a guy with a trident was mashing X and hitting me from all the way across the stage.

Single player is pretty fun though. The executions are absolutely savage if you can get them.

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I got a bunch of spare invites. Send me a PM on here with your Steam name and I'll add you and send you one.

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You should absolutely get one from the Corsair CX range. They're cheap, reliable, quiet and are not very likely to explode in your face like off-brand PSUs.

Slightly out of budget but I'd say worth the extra money.

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Kaiden. Had just about enough of Ashley's space racism by the time it came to it.

Also Kaiden was straight up magic which helped.

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So, I'm planning to get a Wii U pretty soon. They are offering them for £230 with Nintendo Land and 32gb so I can't not, really. However, because of where I am living, I don't have access to an actual TV. Only a pretty old monitor that only has a VGA port on it. I have a cable that lets me plug my Wii into the monitor and I hear that the Wii U has the same port on the back.

Has anybody got a VGA cable to work on a Wii U? If not the one i'm using for my Wii, then is there any kind of other VGA cable i can buy that will work with the Wii U?

Thank you

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Totally agree with you, but have kept it to myself up until this point lest people think I am a psychopath.