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Did anybody buy this on Steam? I've got it, and it's tons of fun. Just looking for more people to play it with really.

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@betadave1877: Two handed sword is slightly OP, but fuck me the Trident is absurd. Can't do anything about it.

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The multiplayer is just unplayable where I am. Completely laggy. I got into my first game and a guy was repeatedly grabbing me and chest stabbing me despite me not blocking at all. Second match and a guy with a trident was mashing X and hitting me from all the way across the stage.

Single player is pretty fun though. The executions are absolutely savage if you can get them.

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I got a bunch of spare invites. Send me a PM on here with your Steam name and I'll add you and send you one.

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You should absolutely get one from the Corsair CX range. They're cheap, reliable, quiet and are not very likely to explode in your face like off-brand PSUs.

Slightly out of budget but I'd say worth the extra money.

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Kaiden. Had just about enough of Ashley's space racism by the time it came to it.

Also Kaiden was straight up magic which helped.

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So, I'm planning to get a Wii U pretty soon. They are offering them for £230 with Nintendo Land and 32gb so I can't not, really. However, because of where I am living, I don't have access to an actual TV. Only a pretty old monitor that only has a VGA port on it. I have a cable that lets me plug my Wii into the monitor and I hear that the Wii U has the same port on the back.

Has anybody got a VGA cable to work on a Wii U? If not the one i'm using for my Wii, then is there any kind of other VGA cable i can buy that will work with the Wii U?

Thank you

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Totally agree with you, but have kept it to myself up until this point lest people think I am a psychopath.

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I picked it up for £0.99 in a used video games store. Saw it at that price and thought "#YOLO."

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I have seven S-Ranks, but a bunch of them don't count. They are:

Harms Way, Deadlight, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, The Walking Dead, Half-Life 2: Episode One (moderately tricky I guess), The Maw, Portal 2, and Blops SP on PC (which is 3 really easy "achievements").

Of those, I'd say Ep 1 or Portal 2 are the most impressive.