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James Bond: Blood Stone Review 0

James Bond: Blood Stone is a cover heavy third person shooter developed by Bizarre Creations, a studio that made its name in the racing genre with the Project Gotham Racing series and more recently Blur. Blood Stone is a peculiar game. On one hand you've got a bland story that doesn’t really capture the mood and style of James Bond and on the other you've got a pretty good action game with solid shooting and incredible driving sequences. You'll have a blast playing it if you aren't a James Bond ...

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Game Dev Story Review 0

Game Dev Story is the first iPhone game that I have played until my eyes felt like bleeding, seriously. I downloaded it thinking it would be just another small game that was only good in 5 minute bursts but oh how wrong I was. I sat and played this game from start to finish in around 3 and a half hours, which is a massive gaming session for me although some of you might call it pathetic.  I'll start with my only negative point about this game. The size of the screen. I know it's a pretty minor t...

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I'm late to the party, but still, it was a pretty cool party. 0

As the title indicates, I've completed my first play through of Republic Commando much later than the majority of people. It seems to have slipped from the hearts and the minds of it's many fans but that didn't stop me digging my copy out of the boxes in my garage and popping the disc.  I'll be honest with you, that was the best decision I have made in a long while. Republic Commando offers a darker Star Wars experience that seems to defer from the typical "check me out I'm a wizard with a sword...

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Monkey Island meets Splinter Cell meets Newgrounds 0

Doctor Who: The Adventure Game is a series of 4 free episodic games that link in to the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Both actors return in the video game adaptation of the series and voice their own individual characters, as does the voice actor who voiced the Daleks. The games are not adaptations of current episodes, rather they are new original episodes set in the Doctor Who universe.   The game has two major environments. The first is a ruined 1960's London a...

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Alpha Protocol Review 0

Alpha Protocol is the latest RPG to be added Obsidian's library, and it's their first original IP. The game has you playing as Michael Thorton, a super-secret super-spy for a super-secret government agency. Despite cliche's out the wazzoo, the story of Alpha Protocol is one of the greatest aspects of the game and the choices you make throughout affect the eventual outcome of the game.  I'll start with the negative points first. Alpha Protocol is a traditional RPG in the shoes of an action RPG. W...

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Punishingly hard. 0

Dark Void Zero is a fantastic "remake" of Dark Void, even though it's not actually a remake. The music is fantastic, and graphics are retro-tastic. But let me tell you something before we continue, it's fucking hard. The player has 3 lives, and 100 health. When the player runs out of lives he has to start again from the beginning. With no proper easy mode to ease the player into the game, you're thrown in to a pool of Dark Void lava head first.  Graphically, Dark Void Zero is fantastic, it captu...

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There was once a big bird slash man called Lady Gaga... 0

... and she was a hermaphrodite with hundreds of animal and human children. Sounds great, am I right? Yes. I am right. And it doesn't just sound great, it is great.  Zeno Clash brings a strong narrative style and a simple yet hard to grasp melee combat system in a beautiful, yet surreal and dark world. The game runs on the source engine, and in my personal opinion, is the best looking game to ever do so.     The combat system is fairly simple. You can punch, kick, block and dodge aswell as pick ...

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