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I really like this episode,through out this series the bosses were mainly focused on accepting them,i was really wondering how were they gonna make a boss which isn't supposed to get accepted.

when it suddenly jumped to the future i was completly confuzed,i though maybe the video i was watching was glitched,but after a while i slowly started to understand this,and really love it,as Yu doesn't have a personality in the game as we controll him,we don't really think of "i got these friends only becaus of this,what will happen once this stops?" and now that it showed how Yu whould be so weak and have no personas without his friends(altho didn't he had the Fool arcana to begin with? even before he actually befriended anyone?)

and i really loved the persona barrage to show how powerfull all of the bonds Yu made are making him and all the arcanas that he has that are always with him.


something that i just noticed,Misturo's shadow looks like nametame's shadow only smaller and with a smaller ring above his head...or is it just my imagination?if its not...could it be the connection of both being though to be killers make the shadows alike?
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they took out my fav line from the game :(

"is he cute?what do you think kanji?"

"huh? why are you asking?"

"i was just wondering if he was you'r type"

"ohhhh i get it! what you're really asking is "Whould you please beat the Shit out of my Kanji""

gotta say i love how they give misuro more screen time to more of show him as a creep

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@Murra said:

well yea he appreahanded the murderer.... or just some random stalker,which was pointed out already BEFORE rise got kidnapped...

... :)

Nah, that was the culprit, all right.

No two ways about it.

For everyone else, I'm guessing Star Arcana next episode.

wasen't it already pointed out tho?

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@Murra: What? There's lots of opportunity to get to know Adachi better. Isn't it the next episode that he brings Dojima back drunk? And he's already apprehended the murderer, silly. How could you think he's a poor cop? Edit: Haha, he's been in almost half of these episodes, actually.

However, I agree that they haven't fully developed his ineptitude, as much as we seem to gather of his character by this point in the game. We'll see how it goes, I guess. There's time to fix that.

Also, is anyone else bothered that they can never draw his face right?

well yea he appreahanded the murderer.... or just some random stalker,which was pointed out already BEFORE rise got kidnapped...

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The thing that bothers me the most about this show,is the fact that adachi had so few screen time,by this time in the game you know(or rather think)that his a loveable idiot that is a terrible cop but is always a lacky of sorts.

on here we have seen him for like what 4 scenes? and one of them was merally him spying on the group while they were spying on rise?

eventually this will come up to be something like "oh look the killer is some random dude weve never met,oh well mystery solved,lets kick his ass for no actual reason."