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@Sitoxity: Yeah, true. I dunno. I guess we'll see how it turns out.

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I believe I read that Notch hadn't been sleeping like at all, when he wrote that + he's prolly pretty stressed out. So maybe he just overreacted? I mean, at least when I'm not feeling well I get cranky as shit. I really don't think that Yogscast are such big assholes as Notch wrote.

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I've only been playing a little of it, but I think it's pretty damn awesome! Just haven't had the time to put myself into it.  
It's not as melodramatic or serious as the later FF-games, instead it has some Fairytale-feel to it. 

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I would go all out. More machine than man! 

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
Well in a world where we cheer for Call of Duty and Mass Effect, the reviewers cheer for them too and shit on the creative titles  Say goodbye to admiring beauty and creativity.. video games are about war and space now, and that's it.
I really don't agree with you. Reviewers loved games like Psychonauts and Okami. People love Ico and Shadow of Colossus. But the shooters are games that are easy to get, so to say, so naturally they sell well.  
On a side note, Mass Effect is fucking amazing.
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
@Demoskinos said:
There is no "rape"  Jim Sterling the loveable fat fuck that he is just wanted to stir the pot on this one.     The girls are essentialy redesigned  versions of this...   
    Duke does make a "You're Fucked" joke to the Holsom twins and while being crass its far from being the worst thing ever as the holsom twins are not exactly played up to be endearing characters  at all.      Nothing to be excited about at all.    
I vote for this post being the most reasonable and   /thread
I'm pretty concerned about the reviewer that has such a pretty twisted mind that he comes up with that terrible rape-scenario when he sees those alien-victims (see, not rape-victims!)
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@Jasta said:

Fable 3 comes to mind.

Dude yes. Fucking hated that game. Not being able to die, the twist and not being able to really customize at all... Made me sell it to buy La Noire, which I didn't like either. 
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Looking at her special attacks, she reminds me of Mileena. Could be fun. But I do love that they made her a real character!

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Pretty much anything by Deceased Crab, but Hercrabbiness' Laura Bow let's play is very good too. A bit serious thou.

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So.. is she blood-based? Using blood in her attacks and so on? Could be cool. Digging her style thou.