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WRPG: Planescape Torment

JRPG: Chrono Trigger

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Can you please delete the game Leprechauns? It is not available on the Xbox Live marketplace as indicated.

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Good article.

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@slag: I agree that they should cover the blockbusters. It doesn't mean that it is all they should cover. And of course it is important to stay above water, it is an extreme to argue however that if they review anything than the games with high marketing budgets they will not stay afloat. As I discussed with @grantheaslip the coverage and review of lesser known games can actually be a very good differentiator. All a gaming site has to do is say "Hey new guy, go review this truck/crane/bus simulator game.". That's not going to bankrupt anyone. There are sites that review that kind of thing, but there's no reason there shouldn't be more and that great content cannot come from it.

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@grantheaslip: I'm not sure that the financial argument is quite that simple. If I was a smaller website and I was trying to drive traffic I'd think there are 2 ways I could make something like Metacritic work for me. Either I could post a dissenting opinion on a popular game (QuarterToThree does this a lot) or I could cover games that no one else covers. If a game gets to 4 reviews (and this is an issue with the way Metacritic does things IMO), my chances are 1/4 that someone would click through to my review. In the case of Halo 4, my chances would be 1/87 when choosing randomly. I feel there is an opportunity for this type of thing if anyone out there is willing to tackle it and do it well.

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I'm experiencing problems adding things to lists too, albeit not a 404 error. The site is allowing me to add items to the bottom of lists and then save, but if I try to change the position of an item within the list, when I click the Save List button, I get thrown to this page - a long-dead forum thread on the PlayStation Home page. The edits I've made to the list aren't saved, either. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser, Version 24.0.1312.57 m.

I get this too, but I'm taken to an old forum discussion of the release date for Fallout 3 instead.

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Nay. I've really been enjoying FTL and XCOM.

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Final Fantasy character designs (the modern ones) always strike me as trying too hard. Maybe they should just tone it back a bit. Versus looked somewhat promising in that regard.

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I am also looking forward to getting one next year. Hopefully it keeps getting good software.

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Have you checked that the memory, GPU and CPU are correctly seated on the motherboard? Are all the fans inside the case spinning? Have you made any specific changes to the BIOS settings? Try thinking back to the time the problems started and figure out what changed.